Mulita BBQ is dishing out $1 chicken wings on Thursdays in Geelong

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Mulita BBQ is dishing out $1 chicken wings on Thursdays in Geelong

$1 wings. Let that sink in.

Chicken wings are one of life’s greatest joys. There’s just something about aiming our faces at a sticky, deep-fried chicken wing – whether it’s dripping in sauce or so hot you break into a sweat while you’re eating.

So imagine how excited we were when we found out the team at Mulita BBQ in North Geelong is making everyone’s dreams come true with a cheap weekly feast allowing locals to sink their teeth into top-notch $1 wings dished up in four equally finger-licking good sauces.

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Earning themselves a solid reputation for American BBQ with fresh and vibrant Mexican influences out in North Geelong for the past few years, Mulita BBQ has become an institution in the Geelong region, with a dedication to the Texas-style smoked meats (with some dishes requiring up to 12 hours of smoking) bringing customers back time and time again.

Serving up some seriously good vibes on Thursday nights in Geelong, the beloved restaurant are encouraging diners to get their hands dirty and munch on that chicken-y goodness with this epic ‘Hot Wing Challenge’. Running every Thursday, diners can indulge in $1 wings from 5pm to 8:30 pm.

As for the flavours on offer, you have four to choose from. For those who aren’t so into chilli, there’s the sweet and smokey barbecue which is always a winner if you like a burst of flavour minus the heat; the Korean Barbecue which is always a go-to; or Franks Buffalo for those who are no stranger to the hotter things in life.

If you’re however looking for ‘melt-your-tongue-off hot’, there’s the Carolina Reaper and Scorpion sauce which 100 per cent a damn fine choice.

No matter the flavour, all the chicken Wings are crazy tasty and they’ll go down insanely well with cheap beer of offer too.

If that wasn’t enough, this also runs alongside the BBQ joint’s bottomless taco evenings that are currently still going. You can read more about that here.

Grab a napkin, because things are going to get sticky.

Mulita BBQ is located at 64 Separation St, North Geelong. Table Bookings are live now via the website