Mrs Hyde

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Mrs Hyde

With Mrs Hyde’s sophisticated and majestic décor there is no need for additional enhancing on your behalf. Comprising of the main dining room and two private function rooms, Mrs Hyde can accommodate anything from a small intimate gathering to a larger event of up to 200 or more guests.
Mrs Hyde is available for anything from weddings and engagements to corporate weekday meetings and workshops.
The main ‘Chesterfield Room’ is large and open with a romantic inviting ambience and holds around 200 people standing. Or you can choose one of the two private functions rooms, with the first being the dark and alluring ‘Black Cigar Room’ holding 60 standing and the second being the gorgeous feminine ‘Tea Room’ with 45 standing.
Their selection of food and beverages cannot be rivalled and packages can be tailored to suit both your requirements and budget. The music is versatile in every room. You can hire a DJ, have Live a live band, simply set your iPod on shuffle or you can leave it up to the specific catered for genres on the in-house system.
There is plenty of parking around Mrs Hyde, with options on the street in font of the venue as well as an off-street complex at the rear.
Location: 11 Malop St, Geelong
Phone: 03 5223 1228