Mr Matteo is Geelong’s new (and only) pizza and pasta drive-thru and restaurant

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Mr Matteo is Geelong’s new (and only) pizza and pasta drive-thru and restaurant

Transforming Geelong's iconic pub, The Clarendon, Mr Matteo is an absolute game-changer for the Geelong foodie scene.

Ah, the drive-thru, how we love thee. Once a service reserved for Maccas, KFC and necessary road trip pit stops, drive-thrus are now a creative way for hospo businesses to do convenient and contactless takeaway, from coffees and toasties to parmis and even Boost Juice!

Building on its previous stint in bringing drive-thru banh mi to the masses, The Clarendon Hotel has been totally revamped and is now serving restaurant-quality food under the new name ‘Mr Matteo’.

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While the restaurant itself has been gifted a new look, with a new name, new logo, refurbished booths, a flashy new bar with espresso martini on tap, completely fresh outdoor area and other beautiful upgrades (as well as live music and bottomless brunch), it’s the arrival of an extended drive-thru menu that has Mr Matteo on the top of our list.

Found through the same drive-thru as Parmi Bandit, a favourite in Geelong for parmis-to-go, Mr Matteo is upping the ante, bringing ‘restaurant quality food’ to their drive-thru. Pasta lovers are finally been taken care of with more than 20 delicious bowls of carb-loaded goodness available to get your hands on without taking a single step out of the car, as well as a lengthy list of traditional and gourmet pizzas, entrees, salads and desserts.

The whole menu, which is also available to enjoy inside the restaurant, is available through the drive-thru from Wednesday through to Sunday.


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At a glance, there’s garlic bread, warm olives, lemon salted calamari, DIY bruschetta, and cheesy potato bombs, and that’s just the entrees. Looking to the pizza list, you’ll find all the classics like Americana, Margherita, Hawaiian, BBQ chicken and vegetarian, alongside gourmet options like lamb shoulder, chipotle chicken, prawn and pancetta, and the Salty Pig, complete with tomato, cheese, pancetta, chilli, capers and anchovies.

Our favourite part of the menu though is the number of Nonna-worthy pasta dishes that are guaranteed to perk you up after a tough day. With the choice of spaghetti, fettuccine, pappardelle, penne, GF penne, potato gnocchi, cauliflower tortellini and pumpkin ravioli, pasta lovers can select one of 20 mouth-watering sauces to accompany their carb of choice.

If you like a cream base sauce, there’s creamy bacon, trio mushrooms, chicken gorgonzola or smoked salmon, among others. If the tomato base is more your style, there’s the classics like napoletana, bolognese and meatball as well as calabrese salami, spicy Italian sausage or puttanesca. Gourmet sauces have also been introduced, including Kaiser with peas and mushroom in a scallion cream sauce; shiitake with trio of mushrooms, asparagus and spinach in a vodka cream sauce; paella style with chicken, prawn and peas; or a marinara with a delicious seafood mix in a light sugo.

Buon appetito!


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An Italian salad and Poke Bowl also feature, as well as chocolate mousse and sticky date pudding for dessert. If you’ve had the pleasure of indulging in Parmi Bandit before you’ll also find all your usual suspects on the Parmi menu. Opt for the classic, the hamless, a BBQ Meat Lovers, the troppo (complete with delicious pineapple), or try out the buffalo, meatball or mushroom. There’s even one called the ‘Fancy Pants’, which comes with béchamel, spinach, avocado, roast capsicum and bocconcini.

The new drive-thru store works just like what we’re used to from the venue— call with your order, drive up to the window and pick it up then head off into the sunset.

Not only is this great for those who have swapped regular clothing for tracksuits with the new working from the home world (guilty!), but it cuts out the middle-man that you’re often dealing with when it comes to delivery services, ensuring your food is served hot and fresh, straight from the source.

All you need to do is call (03) 5221 9584 to place your order, then jump in the car to go get it. Pants optional.

If you’re booking in to the restaurant, call (03) 5221 2526. Or book online here.

Mr Matteo is located at 378 Latrobe Terrace, Newtown.