Mr Dave Graney

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Mr Dave Graney

Dave Graney, The Savage Sportsman, is one of the busiest men in music. He has been playing music since the late ’70s, jumping from The Moodists to The White Buffaloes to Coral Snakes to The Dave Graney Show to Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist to dave graney and the mistLY in a non-stop musical expedition. The latest releases in the Graney file are 2014’s solo album Fearful Wiggings and the digital-only play mistLY for me, available through Bandcamp. The latter album was recorded over the last few years at various shows – sometimes with full band, sometimes with a more acoustic set-up in play. The Eastern, Ballarat – June 5 & Major Tom’s, Kyneton – June 6.