Move over hot cross buns, Geelong’s Chubby Bao is now serving irresistible dessert bao buns

Move over hot cross buns, Geelong’s Chubby Bao is now serving irresistible dessert bao buns

Meet S'more, the darling new favourite sweet bao from the local food truck.

After just eight months on the Geelong foodie scene, Chubby Bao has firmly made a place for itself within our bao loving hearts.

Originally opening back in September, Chubby Bao – the delightfully named, tiny outpost of bao love, housed inside a delightful permanent food truck – has continued to evolve and impress, earning an incredible reputation for their freaking delicious bao, not just for popping up at an abundance of locations across the region to a swathe of bao-loving locals but also for opening a vibrant and dedicated cocktail bar… all in less than a year. If you haven’t been there yet, do yourself a friendly favour and make it a priority.

Now, alongside serving some of the best damn bao in Geelong, Chubby Bao has now introduced dessert bao buns – YES DESSERT BAO!!! – and we’re here to rave about it.

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Looking like a piece of art, this one is called S’more, a sweet mouth-watering bao perfect for an Easter treat.

Unlike the bao that is used in the savoury menu, S’more is made with soft Cinnamon Bao bun, and filled with Nutella, charred mallow, raspberry and meringue.

It’s pretty, it’s sweet, and it’s oh so irresistible.


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This delicious handful of desserty goodness took our hearts before we’d even laid eyes on it… Just the thought alone was enough to cue the drool. But, my oh my, when this thing landed in front of us, we knew these guys had gotten it so, SO right.

So, you can go ahead and skip the chocolate eggs this year and opt for delightful dessert bao. You really won’t regret it.

S’more is currently available alongside all the regular menu flavours.

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