Morgan Page: DC to Light

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Morgan Page: DC to Light

From the opening bass drop and nearly Tubular Bells-esque piano run in ‘No Ordinary Life’, DC to Light the new album from American electro and dance DJ Morgan Page is essentially one sweaty dance floor session. Released back in June, this album is something to both pump you up for a night out and something to cleanse your body after hitting the dance floor. Featuring the vocals of Angela McCluskey (a long time collaborator of Page), this album weaves it’s way through some pretty heavy electro beats and bass drops to create one of the most energetic releases of the year.
Having torn up the American dance festival scene throughout their summer (our winter) Page has one of the most energetic dance shows in the world today. Think Flume meets David Guetta and you’re getting close. One criticism that I have for Page’s live show is that he just seems to be one of those guys that is hiding behind his DJ decks pressing a few buttons here or there. That said however, the light show and use of lasers and special effects, make it a show worth seeing. I’m unsure whether I would go and see Page live when he comes to Australia, but focussing on the music in this album and how it sounds altogether…This is an album that you can delve right into from the moment you put it on, there is ebb and flow throughout and elements of light and shade. This in effect makes DC To Light the sixth studio album from American Morgan Page an electro odyssey and definitely his most ambitious album to date.
Out Via Nettwerk
Reviewed by Tex Miller