More than 50 injured in crowd crush at Falls Festival in Lorne

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More than 50 injured in crowd crush at Falls Festival in Lorne

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, it comes with sad news that last night following DMAs set at Falls Festival in Lorne more than 50 festival goers were injured in a crowd crush.

It’s reported that 19 were hospitalised with more than 60 being treated by paramedics with cuts, bruising, broken bones and several needing resuscitation. Of the 19 hospitalised they have “possible spinal injuries; head and facial injuries; leg, rib, hip and pelvic fractures; and cuts and bruises” (as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald).

The incident occurred at 9.50pm as fans left the Grand Theatre stage following DMAs performance, where the mass crowd made its way through the gates with those at the front of the crowd slipping and falling over. With those at the back unaware this is when the incident occurred, which from comments on socials is said to be a seven people high stack-up.

Falls Festival has released a statement on the incident (see below) and requests all concerns, queries and questions directed to the email address [email protected]. as mobile reception is low at the site.

Those attending the festival and loved ones have taken to social media, giving their accounts of what has happened.

Our thoughts are with those who have experienced and witnessed the trauma and for their loved ones unable to make contact. Please be safe this New Year’s and festival season.

Image taken from Falls Festival socials. Lorne site pictured.