Money for Rope Q&A

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Money for Rope Q&A

Fresh from a tour of Europe, Money for Rope took some time with Forte Magazine to share some timeless advice and to chat about living life cheap on the road.
Hi there, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte magazine, how are you and what are you up to?
 Pretty good! Looking forward to having a back to back summer.
So you’ve been overseas for quite a while, how did all the shows go over there?
The shows were great! In the last year we’ve played in a bunch of different countries and venues with crowds ranging from three thousand people at a couple big festivals to about five students in a Newcastle pub.
We did see you crashed at a German IT student/philsopher’s house, Felix, was he one of the more interesting people you met on your travels?
Yeah when we need somewhere to crash there always seems to be someone who saw the show or heard we are in town that offers us a floor to sleep on and an interesting experience. Felix was one of these legends. They’re all legends.
The tour was a bit of a “no strings/budget approach” have you travelled like that before?
Well our last tour during the European summer was a bit more comfortable then we are used to – we had a campervan. But before that (especially our winter tour in Nov-Dec) it was all ramen noodles and Ibis budget hotels – if we weren’t sleeping in the van.
Is it nice being back home? What was the first thing you did when you got back?
It’s always nice to be at home. But it’s cold and some of us need to get jobs. …So not that nice. Haha.
Most of us just had a big sleep.
You’ll soon be heading down to play Kennedys Music Festival in October, have you been worded up on what to expect with the festival?
Not really but there is a big fish on the poster and we love to fish.
What is it about the festival scene that you love?
Depends on the festival really. But most of the European stuff we’ve done has a great vibe; an honest vibe. It’s not all just shirtless hunks and pills, ya know?
Any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
Buy low sell high. Have a good time all the time. Don’t make weird faces because the wind might change and it will stay that way.
When & Where: Kennedys Creek Music Festival, Kennedys Creek