Mojo Junction with Aurora Jane

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Mojo Junction with Aurora Jane

If you’re a creatively-minded arts junkie, you could do no wrong by checking out the new and fresh website, Mojo Junction. A combination of arts, music, food and culture, as well as a stack of other things, it is quickly becoming one of the most talked about pages on the Australian interwebs today. Jane Hole, or Aurora Jane as she is better known, is the creative brain behind the project, and I recently sat down with Aurora to find out a little about it and where it is likely to develop to into the future.
Billed as “not your average music website”, I think it is fair to say that it is somewhat a cross between FasterLouder and Lonely Planet, and altogether an online portal where creatives can meet from all corners of the world to share their story. Starting out in November last year, the website has developed to previous unknown heights that still surprise Jane to this day.
“It’s a creative experiment really, and there are many possibilities as to where it could develop to into the future. I think that is one of the most exciting aspects about it. There is already quite a back catalogue of content on the website for people to check out; from short films to podcasts and recipes to reviews,” Jane said.
One of the coolest articles on the website that I was lucky enough to stumble upon was an interview with now legendary DC comic illustrator Dale Eaglesham, which is a definite highlight for Jane over the first few months of creating content for the website.
“I think the point of difference about Mojo Junction is the way that we approach our interviews. Apparently Eaglesham always gets asked who would win a fight between Superman and the Incredible Hulk, and so we are really looking at what creatively inspires people. It’s a great insight to how the drawings flow from his pencil and something a little different for the site,” Jane relates.
A world traveller herself, the idea for Mojo Junction was spawned after several trips to India and the surrounds whilst on tour with her band. Despite a small group of journalists from around the world working on producing content for the website, there is an opening to broadcast your story as well: “If you look through the community tab on the website, you can submit your idea, and we will be picking one idea each month to develop into a different medium of content,” Jane said.
With around 2500 people checking the site out a month at the moment, the growth of the website for the moment has purely been through social media. Although there hasn’t been a massive promotional push just yet, over the next few months Mojo Junction is definitely going to be a name you will be hearing more and more. A target demographic of 25- to 40-year-olds, the variety in content and different stories from all around the globe is what makes Mojo Junction an innovative look at the world arts, food, music and culture scene.
Over the next few months, Mojo Junction talks to the director of the new Wolf Creek film; Jesse Bear, a Grammy award-winning producer; and underwater photography from Stu Barry (bass player for Bobby Alu), so be sure to keep this website in your bookmarks and check back regularly for what the buzz is.
Written by Tex Miller