Modern Divide: Beneath the Lies

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Modern Divide: Beneath the Lies

Beneath the Lies is a blistering heavy rock/metal EP from Modern Divide. An expansive effort from the four­ piece who are quickly rising in Geelong’s music scene.

Kicking off proceedings with the intricate latin­ style riff, ‘Bitter End’ explodes at the 45 second mark and there’s very little retreat from then on. ‘Bitter End’ clocks in at nearly five minutes and displays the versatility of the band, from latin to hardcore to progressive rock. ‘Fade’ warns us “don’t assume this is love”, but listening to this EP, it really does feel like love.

It’s hard and fast, but quiet in all the right spots, ebbing and flowing seamlessly throughout. Latest single, ‘Trigger’, is the EP’s third track. It’s a bitter track, in the best possible way, commanding us to “trigger the trap”. At times, the track is pensive and others it is vengeful, but again it finds just the right balance. Up until halfway through the third minute it feels like fourth track, ‘Despondence’, is a relaxed number from the boys – though it’s certainly not the case, there are no breaks over these five tracks. This EP is a message to the local scene, a warning of sorts, that Modern Divide are here and aren’t going to stop on their way to the top.

Reviewed by Jack Cherry