Miss Cairo – ‘Breasts Become Her’

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Miss Cairo – ‘Breasts Become Her’

Whilst everyone was growing potted plants and learning a new language in lockdown, Miss Cairo sat on her ass and grew a new set of tits.

Miss Cairo puts her breast foot forward to create her first ever SOLO show – all about her newly formed boobs… It’s a tale of two titties.

She will be exploring her relationship to her femininity since transitioning from a UK drag superstar, to an Aussie cabaret trans ICON, singing a mixture of original songs and some classic belters, all whilst doing it with her boobies hanging out and asking the question “When do I become a Woman?

Confident, self assured and for-the-lols delirious, Miss Cairo makes work about her intersecting communities, popular culture and her boobs. If you like self aware iconic 80’s films with leading ladies, trans rights and reparations you will love the show and come away questioning your own relationship to who you are.

Will her first ever show go tits up? Let’s just hope this show’s not a one-tit wonder…

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe as part of the Cash For Creatives Program and is also supported by Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine.