Minnie and Liraz: The oddball romantic comedy with a dark edge

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Minnie and Liraz: The oddball romantic comedy with a dark edge

Coming to Geelong Performing Arts Centre later this month is the hilarious, yet riotous ‘Minnie and Liraz’, a play about loss, playing with hearts and most importantly, winning!

Starring legendary actors Nancy Hayes and Sue Jones, as two Jewish women in their early ’90s who live at the Autumn Road Retirement Village in Caulfield – which just so happens to have a ultra-
competitive bridge club.

Joining these two lovely ladies are some familiar faces such as Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers), Rhys McConnochie (Endgame), Georgina Naidu (Newton’s Law) and Peter Paltos (Calpurnia Descending) to complete the cast of this charming oddball story of Jewish grandparents and raw ambition.

As the story goes, Minnie Cohen has recently lost her partner and Liraz Weinberg, the best bridge player in the competition, offers her the opportunity to join forces. And there is no doubt, they would be unbeatable!

Yet Minnie refuses to play without a price. Her granddaughter, Rachael is yet to find a man and Minnie refuses to accept the thought of never having grandchildren. Therefore Minnie plays the ‘game of hearts’ and attempts to pair her granddaughter with Liraz’s grandson, who just happens to be ‘very handsome’.

Yet the story evolves so much more than the desire to win a Bridge game, as there is the unexpected twist which catches all by surprise!

Award winning writer, Lally Katz’s writing truly original has earned a reputation as one of the most unique voices in contemporary Australian playwriting, her latest play is deeply funny, honest and heart-warming, while director Anne-Louise Sarks is an award-winning theatre maker whose work has been performed around the world. She described ‘Minnie and Liraz’ as having a “real truth at the core and stakes that are high.”

‘Minnie & Liraz’ is sure to please all with it’s heart-warming, yet hair-raising realness and the relatable story line. While it is sure to cause a few laughs for everyone who attends.

This hilariously honest play comes to Geelong for five performances in the Drama Theatre, June 28 to July 1.

Tickets are $69 or less. Book at gpac.org.au or phone Box Office on 5225 1200.

Written by Ruby Cairns