Mind Meng Wang & Tim Shiel

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Mind Meng Wang & Tim Shiel

Early in 2020, in an effort to stay connected as we closed our doors and lost contact with each other, a strange friendship blossomed between avant-garde composer and guzheng master Mindy Meng Wang 王萌, and her Melbourne electronic counterpart; the innovative thinker, writer and radio host Tim Shiel.

The pair made contact early in the pandemic, drawing upon archival recordings of Mindy’s guzheng and reworking these into new compositions that took on a musical direction neither had thought possible. The works range from beautifully reimagined, spacious meditative pieces to high-octane, Blade-soundtrack-esque industrial raves; a unique and wonderful dive into the spaces that exist somewhere on the fringes of electronica, pop, avant-garde experimentation and classical Chinese tradition.

After giving us the Nervous Energy 一 触即发 EP in early 2021, the pair return this month with a collection of remixes including contributions from Chinese diaspora artists Tzekin, Flora Wong and 3ASiC.

Join us to launch both the Nervous Energy 一 触即发 EP and it’s remix counterpart, as Tim and Mindy take to the stage in a series of rare live performances that seek out the perfect balance between their musical styles.

As Mindy says — “Tim’s music made my blood surge, I couldn’t help holding my breath; my muscles tightened, like a wild leopard about to jump out from the dark, or balancing on a string up high in the sky. I used the guzheng to create a meditation of tranquility in the chaos, to try calm my emotions and fast heartbeat. The gentle melody brings rational control and pulls everything back to a perfect balance.“

Catch Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel live at Captain, with full backing band, on October 14th.


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