Milwaukee Banks: Rose Water

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Milwaukee Banks: Rose Water

Rose Water, the new EP from Melbourne’s own Milwaukee Banks (MB), is an impressive release. At first, ‘Pluto Bounce’ comes across as a simple electro RnB track, yet the more you listen to it the greater depth and more detail you will find within the vocal samples and instrumentation. A collaboration between Edo and tight lyricist and wordsmith Dyl Thomas, it’s easy to hear how Milwaukee Banks have been compared to the likes of James Blake and Earl Sweatshirt.
Although I hadn’t really heard of Milwaukee Banks until I was passed the SoundCloud link, it’s comforting to know that Australian hip hop and the future of the scene is in good hands. I don’t know whether there is a greater moment on this record than when the beat drops back into ‘Sweater Made of Gold’ towards the end of the track. It’s blissful electronica, an enticing track, and a definite highlight of the EP.
This low-fi chilled out vibe is evident through each of the EP’s six tracks, and MB are definitely worth checking out if they announce a Geelong show on the back of the release of this disc. To some, the manipulation of the sound in the vocal track may somehow be a little confronting at first, yet the original electro hip hop sound that is present on Rose Water is incredibly soulful and will have you hooked on the second or third listen – I guarantee.
Out now via Inertia Access
Written by Tex Miller