Milwaukee Banks: Deep Into the Night

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Milwaukee Banks: Deep Into the Night

Milwaukee Banks brings spacey beat focused tracks with their new release, Deep Into The Night. The album combines electronica beats with laid back hip hop vocal stylings, in a low­fi, minimalist aesthetic. The album creates an atmosphere of relaxed vibes that keeps its pace with each track.

The songs have a familiar feel as they all share a similar production style of moving between dreamy and distorted synths and southern hip hop inspired drums, which Milwaukee Banks make no apologies for, and don’t need to. The album transports you through a sonic journey that moves into a dreamy landscape, before pulling you back to reality with final track, ‘Grace’. Despite its laid back feel, Deep Into The Night brings a sense of vibrancy and energy that keeps you enthralled throughout. Milwaukee Banks deliver a smooth performance, with hard hitting lyrics and slick production in Deep Into The Night, an album that can easily be played on repeat any day of the week without getting old.

Dot Dash / Remote Control
Reviewed by Claire Rosenberg