Mild Manic unleash their hectic new single 'Global Threat' and announce East Coast tour

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Mild Manic unleash their hectic new single 'Global Threat' and announce East Coast tour

Leave it to a pop-punk band that defected from NSW to set up camp in Melbourne to present a large-scale threat to society. Mild Manic is the band, and ‘Global Threat’ is their new single. They’re heading down the east coast to celebrate, so crowds can expect a formidable live show delivered by a brotherhood who have formed a musical palate built on aiming higher and louder with each release. We chat to vocalist Sam Rees.
Hey, thanks for chatting with Forté. You’re getting set to embark on an east coast tour of Australia to coincide with your new single ‘Global Threat’ being released. Are you excited about getting on the road?
Bloody oath, heaps excited! Touring is where life is at.
You’ve played big gigs like the No Worries Festival in NSW but also smaller gigs at pubs and clubs. How do you find they differ? Do you prefer one over the other?
Sure, we like playing the bigger shows due to being able to play in front of bigger crowds… The festival vibe is always awesome, everyone is always having fun BUT smaller shows are more exciting in a sense that you never know what you’re walking in to. One night you could play to five people, the next night it could be a full room and even though you could be playing to less people, the intimacy is what we are about.
You guys are pretty renowned for the high energy shows and live sets. How do you get up and about for gigs like that every night?
We find that it always helps to show appreciation for one another before going on stage and also thinking about why you’re there in the first place. It’s not really the preparation before the show that matters the most to us though, we are all very close to each of our songs and I think that is what helps us bring a high energy to our sets. No matter what state we’re in; tired, hungover, still drunk, etc. our emotional attachment to the songs give us the energy that we need to smash it out.
You boys relocated from the NSW coast to Melbourne. How do you find the music scene in Melbourne compares to home and other scenes around the country?
Coming from a small rural area without a massive music scene like we did, anywhere we moved to would have had a larger scene and more opportunities… but coming to Melbourne, the music capital of Aus, really shows us how much opportunity there is out there for up-and-coming bands. Although, it’s very competitive because there is SO much talent down here. TLDR; it’s pretty kick-ass.
There seems to be a theme with emerging rock bands weaving stories in their songs of heartache, mental health and a negative view of society. Do you think that applies to Mild Manic?
Firstly, we don’t like the idea of getting caught up on negative things, full stop. However, in the way of our song writing, we’ve definitely all been affected by negative things over the years and we’ve all learned to channel that negativity into our music with a “the sun will still shine tomorrow” sort of attitude. We think it’s a really good thing that mental health is becoming a bigger focal point in the music industry today because it is such a real thing that needs to be discussed more and more. Shout out to the Don’t Fret podcast!
With your recent offerings receiving wide acclaim, do you guys have any plans for a new album in the works?
An album is always in the back of any bands’ mind – but for now, we’re planning to keep things short and sweet. Expect an EP in the second half of the year.
When & Where: The Penny Black, Melbourne – April 27 & Music Man Megastore, Bendigo – April 28.