Milan Ring is sending temperatures rising for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds

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Milan Ring is sending temperatures rising for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds

Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds is a new platform that supports some of Australia’s brightest new music talent, in a uniquely Swedish way. There’s arguably nothing more synonymous with Sweden than a sauna, and Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds is all about celebrating and amplifying Aussie music stars on the rise – Swedish style! (love it already!)
Over six weeks, six emerging Australian artists will record one of their new tracks in a sauna (because why the hell not?). Kicking off the program was hip hop artist B Wise, followed by Nick Nuisance and The Delinquents, then Clypso and now here we are with release number four from the extraordinary Sydney artist Milan Ring.
The video, which can be viewed below, is a live recording of Milan’s newest single ‘Drifting’ performed live inside the aforementioned sauna (which is so, so, Swedish). And the best part about it all is that in this case the eclectic R&B artist (aka producer, singer, rapper, writer, mixing & mastering engineer, label owner and creative director) was creatively involved from start to finish on the entire piece. What an absolute legend.
As the first time performing the song in a duo format (and the first time performing in a sauna), Milan reflects on organic changes she had to make to the track in that moment inside the sauna. “I did tweak the beat and the arrangement of ‘Drifting’ to keep it more intimate and organic. I wanted it to feel very live, even though I am still running some loops and samples.”
As for the sauna experience itself, Milan took on the challenge like an absolute boss. “It was mildly claustrophobic,” she laughs. “I had to remember not to smash my guitar into the wall, but no, it actually felt very similar to rehearsing in someones lounge room, or maybe a giant fish tank… definitely a very memorable experience.”
We don’t doubt that at all!
In regards to the track performed, Milan Ring explains, ‘Drifting’ centres on “the frustration one can have with someone who is unable to move forward, but the patience and love one must have in order for them to grow,” she smiles. “I was sitting in my garden listening to the pond trickle at the time of writing the lyrics, maybe that is why the river came to mind and I used that as an analogy for growth and obstacles in my way.”
Having recently signed with renowned tastemaker management team Astral People, performing sold out shows in Sydney, and set to support production duo Hermitude in Melbourne next week, Milan Ring is definitely one to watch – especially with talk of some serious studio time this summer.
“I am planning on locking myself in the studio as much as possible, losing my tan whilst everyone else is at the beach gaining one. I also have a few festivals and shows like Lost Paradise, Pitch Festival, supporting Masego in Sydney and Melbourne that I am looking forward too.”
Let Milan Ring’s performance of ‘Drifting’ wash over you, recorded live for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds below.

As a Swedish cider, Rekorderlig comes from a nation with a rich music history. Since launching in Australia in 2010, Rekorderlig has had a presence within the Australian music scene and Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds is phase one of a new multi year music program.
There’s still two more releases to cone so keep your eyes peeled because it sure is warming up! Watch the entire Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds series here.