Middle Kids EP

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Middle Kids EP

The shining light of Middle Kids debut EP release is Hannah Joy’s faultlessly weaving vocals that go from notes deep within to the high near- a capella notes. ‘Your Love’ is the first number on the release and coincidentally (though we doubt it) the first track Joy worked on with Tim Fitz. The Sydney trio (partnered with drummer Harry Day) have developed a sound that rivals the guitar-heavy tunes of Melbourne’s Olympia – at least for sure vocally.

In ‘Edge of Town’ Joy is the most vocally impressive, ‘Never Start’ is a love lost number for the recent heartbreak-affected-youth and ‘Old River’ has a darker, grittier feel to it – with warbling guitar and vocals carrying the song. I’d even say the latter is the highlight. Lyrics aren’t overcomplicated in this release, and where simplistic lines may work against you at times, these ones don’t. Releasing a debut EP on a label is impressive in itself, so these ones are sure to watch out for.

EMI Music
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh
Three and a ½ stars