Microwaved Goods

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Microwaved Goods

Two is all it takes for the terrific sounds of Microwave Jenny. Describing their music as “pop/folk/love”, this duo just happens to be the husband and wife team of Tessa and Brendon Boney. Ah yes, this is a tale of love and music. It is a tale of a gal from Woy Woy and a fella from Wagga Wagga, both of whom travelled to Sydney for gigs. It was backstage at one of Tessa’s where the pair met. Music swelled, eyes sparkled, hearts pounded, and their story took shape. Music was written and gigs were played, including a cool little tour where they played in 20 nominated houses in six states. Halfway through this adventure they married. Some say love, it is a river… Babushka Bar, Ballarat – April 16.