Metanoia Theatre Company Continue With Live Works Program

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Metanoia Theatre Company Continue With Live Works Program

Champions of innovation in contemporary performance, the Metanoia Theatre Company are set to continue their Live Works program in July when they present three more performances.

Friday July 1 keeps the ball rolling with New York Baby Ra-Ra-Ra, a multimedia performance lecture on the transmission of choreography directed by Shian Law.

Also on the bill is Matthew Adey’s The Spectre of Death Looms Large Despite the Variable Messages Being Inevitable (aka the chairs.) This absurdist performance is inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s The Chairs and follows two performers over a mammoth three hour period.

Finally, Unseen by Lauren Simmonds is set to round it all off, this performance using light, sound, shadow, sound and movement to examine consciousness and humankind.

The triple bill is the endnote to Metanoia’s 2016 Live Works Season One program, and will stage at the Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick until Saturday August 6. More details are available via the Metanoia website.