Melted Festival returns to Geelong for a face-melting experience this weekend

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Melted Festival returns to Geelong for a face-melting experience this weekend

Words by Staff Writer

Are you ready to have your face melted off by some heavy riffs and explosive beats?

Then mark your calendars because Melted Festival is back in town, returning to the Barwon Club Hotel on Saturday, 24 February 2024, from 4:30 pm onwards.

Following its previous successes, Melted Festival, Victoria’s much-loved heavy and alternative music event, is set to rock Geelong once again with a lineup that promises to blow your mind. Prepare for a day filled with thunderous heavy metal riffs, electrifying prog-rock performances, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

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With February already shaping up to be a heavy month for international bands touring across Victoria, why not add some local flavour to your metal agenda with a ticket to Melted?

Featuring a lineup of seven incredible local acts, including Formiles, Wicked Smile, Die In A Dream, Smoke Witch, 74 Kings, Order of Owls, and 4 Days, Melted Festival promises to deliver an epic night of headbanging and moshing at The Barwon Club Hotel.

For the first time this year, the festival have teamed up with the Barwon Club kitchen to curate an entirely dedicated Melted Menu.

One week from today Melted Festival goes down at The Barwon Club Hotel. And with our long running partnership comes a new part of the festival, The Melted Menu! Specials on the day will include the BC Burger, the Melted Burger, Melted Festival fries (complete with melted cheese, crispy bacon, onion and curry sauce) and the BC Taco Duo.

Doors open at 4:30 giving you ample time to come in and try out the food before the first band starts, or in between sets.

Since its debut in November 2018, Melted Festival has become a staple of Geelong’s music scene, thanks to the dedication and passion of the local band Toxicon.

“We really wanted to try and create something that’s just going to grow into the future,” said Toxicon vocalist Wayne Clarris in an interview with Forte ahead of the first edition. “We wanted to emphasize the alternative, the rock and the punk as well as the metal. We didn’t want to just have a straight-up metal festival.”

With its diverse lineup and commitment to showcasing a variety of musical genres, Melted Festival offers an immersive and inclusive experience for music lovers of all tastes.

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