Melody Moon

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Melody Moon

Hi Melody, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to Forte, how has the last few months of touring been going?
The tour’s been great – my favourite part would be spending a week in Byron Bay and seeing dolphins and whales every day, yoga on the beach,¬†soaking up the sun and playing a little bit of music too ūüėČ
Earlier this year you released your debut album, ‘Down to the Sea’ after numerous years on the scene, how did it feel to release it into the world?
Oh it was such a successful and fun night launching it in Melb, having that many people in the one room who believe in what I do is pretty amazing. And I’ve been¬†blown away by the support on the airwaves too – triple R and PBS really got behind it leading up to the launch and are still playing it, so it is exciting. Looking forward¬†to hearing where else it’s spread to.
Down to the Sea was funded by a successful Pozible campaign, your fans obviously adore you, how does it feel knowing that your music is so widely loved and admired?
Well I think when you work so hard on something, especially recording you’re kind of in a tunnel vision – it’s been beautiful to step out and see how supported I am – it’s a wonderful feeling. The process of raising funds for the album – of contacting friends and fans was an eye-opener. I don’t think I’d realised that people actually¬†dig what I do, and really value it – it’s been very encouraging.
What are some of the highlights you have experienced since ‘Down to The Sea’s release?
I’m enjoying dropping into community radio and meeting local folk at the towns I’m playing in. They help create excitement around the gigs and uplift me along the way. I also met a guy in a yoga class in NSW who missed that gig but then turned up at my show in Elwood VIC the next week. It’s just one big adventure!
What can first-time fans expect from your live shows?
I think my honest raw songs and connection to the audience often surprises people. I really lay my heart out there and love doing it for that time I’m on stage. They can¬†expect to feel something- to feel moved hopefully, and to be glad they came!
Your current tour is raising money for the Women For Whales, why is this charity and similarly the ocean so important to you?
The ocean is where I write most of my songs, where I reflect on life and feel totally myself. Alot of my songs mention elements of the sea, and I really value it.¬†Women for Whales is a brilliant organisation who has a peaceful, positive and proactive approach to protecting ocean life. It’s open to all people to become involved and recognises¬†our unique way we can help – like using creativity to spread the word. We can’t all be warriors and that’s OK. We can connect with others who feel a love for the ocean too and positively make a difference.
What does 2015 hold for you, do you have further touring/ recording plans at all?
I’ll be making a video clip for one of my songs from the album, very exciting. And I’d say there’ll be another release in store for later in the year, so stay tuned.
Where&When: Babushka Bar Ballarat Saturday 8th November, Cowrie Market Torquay Sunday 16th November, Unwined Cellar Bar Geelong Friday 21st November and Camperdown Courthouse Saturday 13th December