Melissa Main Announces Deans Marsh Show

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Melissa Main Announces Deans Marsh Show

It is quite the resume that belongs to Melissa Main. She has been a clown, a waitress, an actor, a printmaker, an L­plate surfer, a traveller, a soup kitchen mama, a B&B housewife on the Isle of Skye, a blogger and a high school science/drama teacher. And that is just on a Tuesday. She also loves to sing and play guitar.

A self­taught musician, the eclectic folk cabaret queen has won Darebin Feast’s ‘Above Love’ competition in 2010 for her song ‘Splish Splash’ and the Roddy Read Songwriting Competition in 2013 for ‘Black Silk’.

Oh, and someone once said she sounded like a cross between Ella Fitzgerald, Coco Rosie and Ani DiFranco. Martians Café, Deans Marsh – February 27.