Melbourne’s Thomas Keating unveils brooding, enigmatic single ‘Cold Night’

Melbourne’s Thomas Keating unveils brooding, enigmatic single ‘Cold Night’

Keating the top five Christmas gifts he's wishing for this season.

Brooding and enigmatic,

Melbourne singer-songwriter Thomas Keating’s yearning single, ‘Cold Night’ is brooding and enigmatic – and is everything we needed to hear this silly season.

Inspired by distance, a cold Melbourne winter, and dreary early mornings, ‘Cold Night’ is an exciting addition to Thomas’s glowing discography. Evocative of Elliot Smith, Phoebe Bridgers and Angie McMahon, ‘Cold Night’ is a broody rambler, made for grey mornings and stomping through puddles in the rain. Thomas’s gentle voice wraps around a slow, steady beat as delicate strings float around the arrangement, like the silver lining on a cloud.

In celebration of the track, Keating shares the top five Christmas gifts he’s wishing for this season.

1. New guitar pedals.
I sold a lot of my old analog pedals and now I want them all back 🙁

2. A trip overseas.
I know this isn’t possible at the moment but that would be amazing right now. I would love to be able to go to New Zealand without the quarantine and see my 90-year-old grandfather.

3. A piano for my house.
I would love an amazing upright piano at home to play and write on. Actually, I would love one in my studio too! So two pianos!

4. A few more guitars would be nice.
Maybe like a vintage Maton acoustic or Gibson.

5. I would love some new studio headphones.
I have been using the same pair for years now and they are peeling away at the ears. I often finish sessions after wearing them and it looks like my ears are covered in soot.

Check out ‘Cold Night’ below.