Melbourne’s Riff Raiders deliver an epic journey of rock with their sophomore album

Melbourne’s Riff Raiders deliver an epic journey of rock with their sophomore album

Rock’n’roll Daydream was released March 24.

Melbourne four piece have been rocking for a while now, but I must confess I knew the name, but not the music before pressing play on their second album Rock’n’roll Daydream, out via Silver Sky.

With no desire to ease into it, opening track ‘Loaded Gun’ is a full steam ahead heavy blues/rock song that pricked my ears up and got my foot tapping. It was clear: Riff Raiders indeed like a riff, but they love a solid rhythm also.

Follow up track Stop Looking at Me keeps things on the heavier side of things before the pop-rock stylings of Samantha Jones, whilst to me is not not a highlight, is a catchy song which I am sure has it’s fans.

A moody little interlude-styles track No Words leads into Best Day Ever, which once again leans on the pop-rock side of things, and would not be amiss on a Pink album (think U + Ur Hand, but a happier vibe!), and unsurprisingly was one of the two tracks on the 7” released earlier this year.

Don’t be fooled by the mentioning of Pink, because from there, more blues, heavy rock and the like ensure this album does not start well then fall off a cliff.

Steppin On A Cloud had me fooled that they were going to go on an Oasis trip before kicking it up with a heavy, yet cruisey chorus, with some very solid, crisp bass playing really driving a large part of this song. This one has a strong light/shade vibe throughout, and is one of the top notch songs on the album.

There is certainly a really strong “Aussie Pub Rock” feeling throughout the whole album, which sways a little to the poppier side, a little to the bluesier side, with straight up fucking rock in the middle!

Like a good album should finish, Shade is quite possibly the best song on the album. This really shows the blues roots this band have, which initially has a bit of a Beatles (I Want You) cross Gary Moore (Still Got the Blues) vibe happening, with a very cool run of notes creating a real mood. Jens vocals shine particularly bright on this track, and shows the band have a few tricks up their sleeve, and also highlights the talents of each member.

A very cool album that I suggest the easily distracted check out Best Day Ever and Shade, and if either of them float your boat, you will just have to buy the album!

Check it out below.