Melbourne’s PBS Radio Festival is back this May, encouraging listeners to support the radio station that supports you

Melbourne’s PBS Radio Festival is back this May, encouraging listeners to support the radio station that supports you

Zak Brown (Easy Browns) and Jordan Oakley (Underground Love) in studio 1. Credit: Kurt Eckardt

The annual fundraising event is not only necessary to keep one of Melbourne’s finest community radio stations alive, but it’ll also raise some much needed awareness about radio’s place in contemporary culture.

Themed ‘Complete The Connection’, PBS 106.7FM has announced the return of its annual Radio Festival from Monday May 16 until Sunday May 29, asking listeners to dig deep, plug into the mainframe and amplify this open circuit community of music-lovers and tastemakers.

After the gargantuan task of moving an entire radio station less than a block away in the midst of a global pandemic, PBS have just about settled into their new home at Collingwood Yards and needs listener support to help complete the final connection for the station’s inaugural Radio Festival at their new digs.

The key takeaways

  • Melbourne’s PBS Radio Festival is back again
  • Supporters can join up to the station during Radio Festival and become a PBS member and support the station that supports you
  • Radio Fesitval runs from Monday May 16 – Sunday May 29

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As a completely independent, non-profit, people-powered community radio station, PBS heavily relies on listener support to keep the tunes glowing, the conversation growing and the airwaves flowing each and every year. The presenters you’ve come to know and love have been spinning algorithm-free, specialist and under-represented music 24/7 for over 40 years, all carefully curated by individuals who are each tastemakers and experts in their field. The final link in upholding this delicate communal connection is you, dear listener, and the time to complete that connection is now by taking part in the annual fundraiser.

“PBS is always there for musicians and music lovers through good times and not-so-good times. The station’s annual radio festival is the time when music lovers show they are there for PBS, by keeping the station on air by signing up as station members,” says Adrian Basso, PBS 106.7FM General Manager

For the duration of the Radio Festival, supporters can join up to the non-profit community organisation and become a PBS member of varying subscription levels and assist PBS to complete the circular, reciprocal energy and support the station that supports you, so they can continue championing and broadcasting under-represented music for years to come.

There are many tiers of memberships available including Proud, Passionate and Patron levels as well as everything from Juniors to Pets; Performers to Businesses; and Friends for a Decade to Friends for Life. No matter the amount you can contribute, PBS would love to hear from you and have you ‘Complete The Connection’ at Radio Festival 2022.

While the benefits of being a PBS member are vast, with year-round discounts at participating retailers, bars, restaurants and cafes, during the festival there’s also a slew of daily and major prizes up for grabs for new and returning members alike. Alongside a swag of daily prizes including local record store vouchers and merch packs, the list of 2021 major prizes include a Vespa courtesy of Vespa Australia & Peter Stevens Motorcycles, a double pass to the 30th Meredith Music Festival, with private chartered vehicle transfer to and from the festival site, luxury powered caravan in Bush Camp and a food, beverage and gift shoppe pack, a Guild F-250CE Deluxe Acoustic Guitar from Echo Tone, Rega PLANAR 3 Turntable from HeyNow HiFi and a year’s worth of PBS feature albums.

Members who join as a Passionate, Patron, Friend for Decade, Friend for Life or Business member will receive an exclusive PBS Radio Festival t-shirt by designer Ashley Ronning. Wearing this little beauty immediately identifies you as being a proud member of a very special musical community.


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Every dollar pledged helps PBS ‘Complete The Connection’ with listeners being the final link in the non-profit, community radio circuit board of life. Plus all donations over $2 are tax-deductible and ​​anyone that signs from the 1st May goes into the prize draw.

So charge your electronic devices and get ready to join, renew or donate when Radio Festival rolls around this month!

PBS Radio Festival kicks off on Monday May 16 and runs until Sunday May 29. Jump on board and become a PBS subscriber through their website.