Melbourne’s Good Morning celebrate their vinyl reissue of their music

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Melbourne’s Good Morning celebrate their vinyl reissue of their music

Good Morning are a two piece recording project made up of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons from Melbourne. The two met in high school and have been writing songs ever since. In 2013, they went halvies in a Foxtex four track tape machine; Good Morning is the result of that investment. We chat to Liam ahead of their performance at The Barwon Club this Saturday.

Hey guys, thanks for chatting. how are you? What have you been up to at the moment?

Good thanks, how are you? Haven’t been doing much. Sleeping in a lot. Went and got a banana smoothie today, and would like to shout out the A1 bakery on Station St, Fairfield.

How long has the band been around and how did you guys meet?
We’ve been a band for about three years I guess, but we’ve been playing music together since we met in high school.

Tell us a bit about your two EPs, Glory and Shawcross, how do the two differ?
I would say Glory is closer to the sound that I would like Good Morning to have than Shawcross. I find Shawcross to be boring, and am definitely a lot prouder of Glory for sure. Can’t speak on behalf of Stefan though.

Your vintage four-track sound and raw electric guitars creates a very relaxed indie sound, is there any other way you’d describe your sound?
Um I usually just call it pop music I suppose, but I’m not great at describing things. I’ve never really understood the relaxing thing, cause to me it sounds a lot more like anxiety and discomfort than relaxation.

What would you say are the key elements to your sound, how have you created this bedroom lo-fi tone?
Probably the beginners knowledge of the recording process, and that all our gear seems to shit itself halfway through making things.

In terms of the inspiration for the themes and/or lyrics of the songs, where do they come from, how does inspiration strike?
It sort of depends. It usually comes from within I guess. Some life event that has been horrible or uncomfortable, or some funny awkward social situation. But it can also come from looking outwards at things that don’t make sense to us, ways that the world is upsetting. Just the usual fun shit I suppose.

You’re often unfavourably compared to Mac DeMarco, so here’s your chance to set it straight, who are some of your true influences?
It’s too huge a list to be able to break down, but I guess someone like Neil Young or the Go Betweens would be an all timer. Usually it’s just whatever we’re listening to at the time. Stefan’s going through a Cher phase at the moment, and I’m listening to Marianne Faithful a lot.

You’ve performed in the United States and have tour dates planned for Europe, and you’ve also toured extensively back home in Australia too. How do the indie music scenes differ overseas to Australia?
Hmm I’m not entirely sure. When we went to the USA it was just in New York for a week so we never got to see too much else, and we haven’t been to Europe yet so I couldn’t tell you. I will tell you this: you’re expected to tip when you get a drink on your rider in some bars in New York and it makes no sense at all.

Do you think that Australia’s influence on the worldwide indie scene is growing overseas?
I’m not sure. I guess the internet has made the world smaller in a lot of respects so the country of origin for music doesn’t matter as much when it comes to discovery. Maybe it’s more that some Australian publicists are talking to the right people at Spotify and Apple Music. I think it’s easier and more fun to focus on your own city and friendship group and enjoy yourself within that context, wherever it may be and if you’re lucky enough to get the band kitty up then go on a holiday.

Bedroom Suck Records recently reissued your two EPs, Glory and Shawcross, on one 12” vinyl, what are your thoughts on comeback of the popularity of vinyl?
I think it’s inherently a good thing. There’s a bit of cultural cringe associated with it for sure, but if people are engaging with a physical product and giving their money to a small record store or label instead of some giant ass shifty streaming company then it’s a good thing.

You’re doing a gig at The Barwon Club in Geelong on Saturday the 22nd of July, where you’ll be releasing this double EP on vinyl, what vibes or atmosphere do you aim to create for your life shows?
We sure are, and there are so many other good people playing too: Great Outdoors, Hachiku, Hollie Joyce and the Tiny Giants. I think the vibe or atmosphere is usually pretty low key. Mainly to try not to take it too seriously or get shitty about anything, and also not get too drunk to play.

Good Morning will be launching ‘Glorcross’ at The Barwon Club, July 22, a double EP of the band’s acclaimed ‘Glory’ and ‘Shawcross’ EPs.

Listen to the guys on soundcloud here.