Melbourne’s Blush’ko saunters into 2022 with new seductive single ‘Call My Name’

Melbourne’s Blush’ko saunters into 2022 with new seductive single ‘Call My Name’

Seductive singer of melodic charm Blush’ko releases ‘Call My Name’, the self described automatic on switch for a mood created through irresistible sonic spaces.

Every so often an artist comes along and has the ability to see a genre in an entirely unique way. With a fresh take that adds a new twist to the sounds we love, these kinds of artists are a creative force that demands to be listened to.

Blush’ko is this artist. 

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A rare talent that is entirely fearless and unapologetically himself, the Macedonian-born, Melbourne-based electronic, soul, R&B artist has been carving out a name for himself in the industry since his debut single ‘Another Love’ in 2017. 

With a steady flow of top-tier singles, Blush’ko’s success has seen him sharing the stage with the likes of Goldlink, Dom Dolla SG Lewis, Jhene Aiko (and many more), as well as selling out every headline show he has played since 2018.

On the back of his most successful year to date, Blush’ko found himself with his biggest achievement as an independent artist cracking triple j’s hottest 200 featuring on Choombas track ‘Say It’.

Now armed with one of the most sought after voices in Australia’s music industry, Blush’ko arrives today with his new single, ‘Call My Name’. 

A welcomed reminder of the incredible vocal he possesses, this three-minute track is a change in pace for the larger-than-life artist, a deviation from the shimmering upbeat hits fans have become accustomed to.

Instead, ‘Call My Name’ is extraordinarily powerful, full of aching emotion and beautiful production. A dive back into his shadowy R&B roots, Blush’ko’s infectiously smooth vocals are front and centre amidst the lush mid-tempo production, wavy synths and soulful tones. 

With nods to the likes of The Weeknd, SG Lewis and Anderson Paak, ‘Call My Name’ is drenched in nostalgia with an all-encompassing moody soundscape.

Producer Sergio Selim was the mastermind behind the piano layers and in the second verse, you notice how beautifully it mirrors the vocal melody and tiptoes together in a pirouette type slow dance. 

Playing off his silky smooth lyrics, the addictive bass line is a strange character smoking in the corner that feels familiar as it highlights the intricacies of Blush’Ko’s songwriting in a way his fans have come to know and love.

“I really wanted this song to be a moody piece in 6/8 and take you on a personal journey that helps you know that it’s okay to be insecure in yourself.. and that you don’t need someone to find you and make you feel the way you are supposed to. Just having yourself is enough,” says Blush’ko. 


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A timely reminder of the exceptional vocal that saw ‘Say It’ soar, ‘Call My Name’ is a defiant nod to what has passed and what is on the horizon, with the likelihood of a debut album and steady stream of live shows to follow. 

“I am really excited for this upcoming 12 months, ‘Call My Name’ is the calm before the storm moment. The little sit down before the big dance kind of vibe, I have loved this project and the people around it and I am excited to show you where it goes.”

A conveyor of emotions, a lover of rawness, Blush’ko has the musical world at his feet – you can sense that almost anything is possible. 

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