Melbourne’s alt-pop rockers Chained Lizard unveil highly-anticipated new single, ‘Electric Vibes’ 

Melbourne’s alt-pop rockers Chained Lizard unveil highly-anticipated new single, ‘Electric Vibes’ 

After 10 years, Melbourne’s alt-pop rockers Chained Lizard are hitting their groove.

After releasing two tracks in 2020, ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Take Me For A Ride’, Chained Lizard “use a bunch of different analogies” to capture the essence of ‘ELECTRIC VIBES’: the sensation “that you feel around someone special”.

The Melbourne group formed by brothers John (guitar) and Chris Vozz (drums and electronics) in 2012, but went on hiatus in 2015 to start producing original tracks. After searching for new members, they eventually discovered that the perfect additions were right in front of them the whole time.

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“When Chris & John were on the hunt for new members, they figured why not ask the people they were closest to who had a love for music as strong as theirs,” vocalist Olivia says.

“One audition later and we were all writing and mixing our love of different music genres together. We all shared a love for music and grew up with our parents always playing music in the house. I played piano from a young age while Dom has done lots of music-related study, Chris and John always had a passion for music and taught themselves how to play from a young age.”

The band tackle “the good and bad” of human nature in lyrics and their music is suitably eclectic for the monumental task, with influences ranging from ABBA to Bring Me the Horizon, Hans Zimmer to Ozzy Osbourne. Their music is clearly an amalgamation of the varying tastes and musical backgrounds of their members, but that’s something they’re all very proud of. “We think our sound would most appeal to fans of Linkin Park and Lady Gaga,” Olivia suggests. “We have an alternative pop-rock sound.”

“We tend to write about the human condition and what it means to be completely human, the good and the bad,” she continues. “We explore the issues and troubles that we all face as people, whether it be personally or globally. Musically, we love to mix it up and hit our audience with beats and melodies that they wouldn’t expect.

“We mainly want people to enjoy and have fun listening to our music. With the amount of ourselves that we put into it, we only want people to feel good listening, and want to hear it again. We try to connect with people and their individual experience, whether it be lyrically or musically.”

In contrast to the band’s reinvigorated persona, their ambitions are much more understated. They simply want people to enjoy their music, and to grow organically as they kickstart touring in the new year.

“We just want to keep writing and releasing music, and reach more and more people with every release,” she says. “We can’t wait to start playing shows again and touring.

“We are so passionate about making music and we are completely independent and self producing. Between the four of us, we know that this is what we love and do best.”

Listen to Chained Lizard’s brand new track here.