Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Sierra Kilo Alpha

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Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Sierra Kilo Alpha

If anyone can jump-start a party, it’s the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. While best enjoyed live in the web of their sonic, visual and kinetic mayhem, this second studio release is a satisfying takeaway option.

The line-up ranges from small crowd to 30+ members. Somehow, band wrangler Nicky Bomba (Bustamento, Bomba, John Butler Trio) keeps arrangements tight’n’tasty. Funky Ska is spiked with East-meets-West beats, from Afro-Cuban to left field notes possibly from outer space. Imagine the high-stepping madness of ‘Madness’, crossed with the horns and catchy refrains of The Cat Empire. Like a renegade circus troupe, MSO balances danger with delight. The expert musicianship is never lost in the fun however. From sax to kettle drum (‘Looks like an oil drum / that was pressed by a giant’s thumb’) they’re bringing the best. Sitar and tabla introduce ‘Bombay Detective’ to ‘a wisdom he could not explain’. Shared vocals (chiefly Pat Powell and Bomba) include an arresting boy/girl duet on ‘Solitary Island Sway’.

S-K-A was recorded in Melbourne, engineered by Robin Mai. The Deluxe CD pack option offers a 3D cover, 3D Glasses, tote bag, badge, sticker & T-Shirt. Listen in dancing shoes or under a palm tree with a fruity, fluoro cocktail.

Out via Four/Four
Reviewed by Chris Lambie