Melbourne Pause Fest shares modern strategy, time to move business online

Melbourne Pause Fest shares modern strategy, time to move business online

Words by Natasha Tupackovski

It's so simple, it's genius.

Advancements in technology are forever modifying the way we exist, but there was nobody who was prepared for Covid19. Despite the subsequent Coronavirus-related devastation, one beloved festival saw the potential that would come from isolating the online platform, as a result, decided it was time to move forward.

Leading festival for business and creativity started Melbourne as ‘Pause Fest’ for the past 10 years. This is why going into the 2021, Pause Fest online gives everyone the opportunity to be a participant in innovation.

Admission in 2021 would mean access to 100 speakers from around the world, uniting the innovative minds from the global business, tech, and creative community.

Have you ever wondered about the curious minds who dared to ask, what if we ordered the strangers drive us home? What if it wasn’t pirated, but a monthly service? What could we do if the sky wasn’t the limit? The secret to success is usually inside the box when everyone is looking outside of It.

Understanding how to increase your earnings by reducing the cost for customers is the first example of knowing the principle of success. “You can’t put the region’s best creative digital minds in the same room together and not expect something extraordinary” creative director Ben Keenan on describing the process of launching the Pause fest.

From a distance the Pause Fest team was busy attending dozens of major global online events, researching and testing all available software on the market, consulting over a hundred top event organizers worldwide, and running multiple focus groups to come up with the 14-day program that you could learn in quarantine.

The confirmed lineup for Pause Fest 2021 includes the Founder of  Google Empathy Lab, Exploration Informatics Lead NASA, Executives from Afterpay, and the Director – Content, Netflix. These powerhouses are from different corners of the world,  and to celebrate the open borders of the internet Pause Fest is donating 10,000 tickets to the not for profit sector! NFP organizations are invited to fill in an expression of interest click apply for the giveaway.

“Think of us as the MTV for innovation – tune in and tune out to what captures your heart and mind..Instead of our usual three day format, Pause Fest 2021 will take place over a fortnight. All of the sessions will be 50 per cent shorter than usual, as we know our online attention span is limited. Our goal is to create a program that gives attendees more valuable content, flexible viewing options and opportunities to engage with every aspect of the entire festival,” says George Hedon Founder and CEO of the world’s leading creativity infused business event. 

All speakers are from the variation of core creatives in today’s frontier of innovative companies such as Adidas, Google Play, iDiscover, Junkee Media, MAKE Studios, Shared Value Project & Good Thing Australia, Small Fires Publishing, Startup Genome, Turismo de Portugal, and many more.

To follow the announcements on the specialized programming session types and full speaker line up check out the website