Melbourne Music Bank winner Jade Alice brings her single to life in a stunning video

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Melbourne Music Bank winner Jade Alice brings her single to life in a stunning video

Earlier this year we featured dream-electro pop singer songwriter and producer Jade Alice, the winner of 2015′s Melbourne Music Bank competition, and the announcement of her anticipated single ‘Heartbreak Club’.
The endearing tune is every bit delicate as it is intricate, and we loved the way it showcases Jades honey toned voice that transitions from silky melancholy to untamed vocal power.
Now she’s back and this time she is bringing the single to life in a stunning video.

Directed by Meg Duncan and Claudia Holmes, and edited by Tayler Martin, The Heartbreak Club music video is about daydreamers and deep-feelers, where crushing on people has more to do with the act than the subject.
“It’s about the hunt, immersing yourself in emotions fully and daring to walk the line between total control and spontaneity. Imagination is a powerful tool, and when paired with softness and openness a person finds themselves equipped with an unspoken connectedness to the world. There’s nothing stronger than a broken woman who has pulled herself together, and so ‘heartbreak’ is a blessing in disguise, the ‘heartbroken’ the strongest of us all,” Jade explains.
“For Heartbreak Club, I was inspired by witchy films like The Craft and our own bush-gothic Picnic at Hanging Rock, but also Care Bears, because I love the way they glow and sparkle and look out for each other,” Meg Duncan adds on.
“We wanted to play with gaze in our clip; make it seem like the girls were obsessed with boys when really they were obsessed with the idea of hunting boys, moreover hunting and power generally, and specifically the Greek Goddess of hunting (among other things) Artemis.”
‘Heartbreak Club’ is out now. Keep up with Jade Alice via FB.