Melbourne hails the Filth

Melbourne hails the Filth

First of all, what an opportunity… I used to listen to Cruelty And The Beast all the time when I was in primary school so when I heard that the almighty Cradle Of Filth were bringing the album live to Melbourne. I had to go. I was expecting an amazing, nostalgic experience and thatʼs exactly what I got.

Iʼve always followed this band through all of their albums and in my opinion they just keep getting better with every release. That being said, this 1998 really hit me hard when I was a kid and it still holds up as one of my favourites, especially after seeing it live with new, much better guitar tones and trust me, Dani Filth’s vocals have just been getting better and better since. He hit all the high notes with ease and added plenty of cool growls in there too.

They opened with the intro to the album, ‘Once Upon Atrocityʼ and went straight into ‘Thirteen Autumns and a Widowʼ. The crowd was instantly hit with nostalgia and knew just how good this show was going to be. I actually saw of my old friends from primary school in the pit too which was hilarious.

Some of my favourite moments from the gig would have to when they played ‘Bathory Ariaʼ, itʼs such a complex song and it kind of just takes you back from all the pitting and craziness so that you find yourself just staring at the musicianship in amazement. The encore supplied crowd favourites such as ‘Malice Through the Looking Glassʼ, ʼNymphetamineʼ, ‘Saffronʼs Curseʼ, ‘Her Ghost in the Fogʼ but most important of all they played a more recent song called ‘Heartbreak and Seance which is actually my personal favourite song by them – if I had to choose that is.

The show sounded incredibly evil and the atmosphere was something that I havenʼt really experienced with a metal band since I saw Meshuggah a couple of years back. A lot of ‘trueʼ black metal fans will rule out Cradle of Filth because of how popular they are but to them I say, go see them live. The soloʼs, the drumming, the tone, the atmosphere and the insanely well put together vocals will impress anyone who attends. Thereʼs a reason they are one of the biggest extreme metal bands in the world and Iʼm very excited to hear the remastered version of the 1998 stunner in November this year.

All Hail the Filth!






Where: 170 Russell, Melbourne
When: September 6
Photos: William Adam Russ