Melbourne comic Evan Hocking is coming to Bobby Dre’s on Pako this February

Melbourne comic Evan Hocking is coming to Bobby Dre’s on Pako this February

Words by Keegan Bennett

The Regional Funnies Comedy Show is happening on February 7.

For those looking for something a bit different for a night out, Bobby Dre’s on Pako might have exactly what you’re looking for. The Mexican burger restaurant is playing host to a trio of funny men on February 7, serving up jokes and tacos alike, the Regional Funnies Show is sure to be a good time when the comedians come to town in three weeks time.

Key Points

  • Bobby Dre’s is hosting the Regional Funnies Show, a comedy night, on Feb 7th
  • The show has two sessions, at 2 pm and 6 pm
  • Tickets are on sale now

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After being locked up through the pandemic, Kensington based comic Evan Hocking, along with Jarryd Goundrey and Alex Keen will be taking to the stage on February 7th in Bobby Dre’s beer garden, starting from 2pm.


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According to Hocking, a Mexican restaurant is not the strangest place he’s performed.

“In the middle of a public bar, while Bathurst was on, that was probably the weirdest spot,

“The pub wouldn’t let me turn the TV screens off, so I had probably about 30 people wishing that I wasn’t interrupting their afternoon of watching Bathurst.

“I got paid so that was alright”.

Rest assured, the Regional Funnies Show will be a night to remember, rather than a night to forget. The lineup was curated by the Victorian comedy agency, What’s the Joke. Hocking is being joined by fellow comics Jarryd Goundrey and Alex Keen.

“I met those guys, just through gigging around Melbourne, been on a few road trips with Jarryd, and gigged a bit with Alex, they’re both good acts,” Hocking says.

“[What’s the Joke] has been organizing some gigs around Geelong, they’re doing some good stuff”.

Hocking says there’s plenty of room for expansion within the Australian comedy scene and thinks that slowly building an audience is the best way to grow the scene.

“They’ve had gigs in the past [in Geelong], but for some reason don’t seem to hold on to any of them,

“Even in Melbourne, there’s not too many dedicated comedy clubs, there’s plenty of room for it, there’s enough people to have it sort of set up in some of the bigger suburbs, doesn’t have to be every night, even a few times a month”.

Hocking will be playing MC for the night at Bobby Dre’s, a role he is surely familiar with, having been a part of gigs at his local, Hardimans Hotel in Kensington.

“We were running gigs, but obviously COVID stuffed that a bit, and now ‘cos of the rules you can only get about 50% capacity, but hopefully that can start up again.

“We had Jim Owen, Fiona O’Loughlin, Hughesy, Dave O’Neil, you’re always constantly running into some of the big-name acts”.

Bobby Dre’s will be offering their signature combo of Tex-Mex and modern-Americana, filled with nachos, tortillas, a wide range of burgers with a variety of sides to go along with them, including loaded fries, salads all offered at fairly reasonable prices. You can check out the menu ahead of time here.

Food will be available before and during the shows, however, it is recommended if you wish to eat before the show starts, to arrive up to an hour beforehand.

Bobby Dre’s presents the Regional Funnies Comedy Show is happening on February 7th at 2pm and 6pm, at 359 Pakington Street, Geelong West. Tickets are available here.