Melbourne artists Younique and R.em.edy collaborate and it’s ‘Pure Intoxication’

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Melbourne artists Younique and R.em.edy collaborate and it’s ‘Pure Intoxication’

Melbourne’s Younique captures the burning desire for love in all its forms in new single, ‘Pure Intoxication’ featuring R.em.edy.

Independently released today, August 4, ‘Pure Intoxication’ is the stunning funky neo-soul reverie from Melbourne’s Younique. The artist project of producer, singer-songwriter and engineer Corey Ernsdoerfer, Younique debuted with his first slice of original music in late 2021 and has since been treating the world to a steady stream of intoxicating music straddling the funk, dance, electronic and soul worlds. 

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2021’s singles ‘Change’ and ‘Walls’ laid a firm foundation for the artist’s sound and style, but it’s on his more recent singles ‘Funk’, ‘Love Electricity’ and now ‘Pure Intoxication’ that his talents as a songwriter, a vocalist, and a producer all shine their brightest. 

From start to finish, ‘Pure Intoxication’ proves an irresistibly radiant listening experience. 

Younique sets the tone right from the get-go with smouldering, soulful and equally compelling grooves, providing an emotional roar full of inner yearning and intimate desires. “Can I have that pure intoxication, I don’t need no love hallucinations; want to feel your pure infatuation…,” Younique sings, his golden voice soaring over a tapestry of bold synths and effected guitars. 

‘Pure Intoxication’ is a near three minute hot and heavy slow-burner, one that is an utterly enchanting immersion of 90s dance floor vibes and cool RnB seduction with a modern twist, taking a nod to the likes of D’Angelo, Tom Misch and pop-funk outfit Jamiroquai. 

Featuring lush mid-tempo production and a swathe of unique sounds and rhythms, the undeniable star of the show is the infectious vocal melody. Filtered through buoyant, sweaty sonics, Younique drenches the ears with nostalgia; the nostalgia that will certainly be felt by anyone that hit the dance floor in the 90s or early noughties. 


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Working with several collaborators throughout his career, including Jalmar, Mookito and Mitch Bag, Younique’s music comes bolstered with talent, becoming almost a trademark in his discography.

‘Pure Intoxication’ follows suit, with Younique teaming up with Melbourne-based R&B artist/producer R.em.edy, whose music is a blend of R&B, hip-hop, soul and indie pop all in one. 

Across the track, R.em.edy’s soaring vocals are brought to the fore as she glides over Younique’s hypnotic and sultry production. 

“R.em.edy has a certain edge to her vocals that I was super excited to have blessing “Pure Intoxication” but at the same time is super soothing and ethereal,” he explains.

“I remember writing this piece over two years ago and once the foundations were laid, I hit up R.em.edy via Instagram to collaborate and she responded very quickly sending back a verse within a week.” 

Much like the title suggests, ’Pure Intoxication’ is about love and its arresting ability to be both intoxicating, an electrifying mix of desire, chemistry and ecstasy, and pure, the best and truest form of love and affection; that love can be sexy and pure at the same time. 

“Sometimes when I write music I either tell a story of reflection or I use it as the manifestation to attain what I want. In this case, my desire at the time would be to find love that was intoxicating but pure a the same time,” Younique explains. 

Soul-stirring and charged, ‘Pure Intoxication’ comes complete with accompanying visuals. Directed and shot by ForYouByI, the video offers a red-tinged look at the romantic flame that’s burning bright in the single. The lust, the chemistry, the compassion, the enchantment and the tenderness; it’s all on display in an all-around gem that’s been executed flawlessly on all fronts.

The song is a testament to Younique’s countless and genre-transfiguring talents; with this project pooling the artist’s past experiences and influences into an entirely boundless musical journey. 

While he only dropped his debut single last year, a love of music and freedom of expression was instilled in the artist from a young age. 

“I remember always being involved with the school choirs and entering various competitions. I was introduced to music by my parents from a consumer perspective but the desire to create my own compositions came from my fascination with making sounds. 

“I’ve always been a singer-songwriter ever since I was gifted my first guitar at the age of 12 but in terms of the production side, that experience only blossomed in my late teens. I spent a solid year living in a bungalow studio where I would make beats nearly every day to filter through the garbage of creation and earn my 10,000 hours.”

A creator overflowing with ideas and forever yearning for the ethereal rush of experimentation, in 2018 a harrowing period of drug-induced psychosis changed the singer and songwriter’s path indefinitely.

“During this period, my mind was filled was intrusive thoughts involving suicidal tendencies and it was like my bucket of trauma was exploding like a volcano. This was the best thing that could ever happen to me as throughout our lives we collect many experiences that are attached to painful memories and emotions,” he candidly reveals. 

“Processing these experiences is not always handled with awareness which can lead to them being stored energetically in your body. For me, my constant lack of self-worth and emotional frustration was something I did not want to look at and this near-death experience forced me to look internally. 

“Now I have such a healthy relationship with processing my trauma and can honestly say I am extremely proud of myself for working through these so-called “demons” of my personality.” 

Burning with a desire to evolve and showered in love from his family (“my Mother was something that allowed me to feel safe during one of the most vulnerable moments of my life”), the talented artist chose love and acceptance to build the best version of himself, with the project ‘Younique’ spawned as a necessary outlet of creativity. 

Now confident and composed, groovy and dazzling, Younique has had an explosive few months coming off the back of performing at St Kilda Festival and supporting Young Franco at The Forum, alongside receiving on-air support from Triple J, FBI Radio & MTV and diving deep into new collaborations, all of which has seen his presence within the scene bolster. 

“I have been fortunate to have a record I produce nearly hit two million streams by R-Cue. I was signed for a period of my time as a producer for Jalmar with Astral People,” he adds.  

“I recently co-produced Arno Faraji’s latest single “Gravity” and I am the executive producer for the Jalmar Project.”


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Younique doesn’t ask for our attention, his music demands it, working on multiple levels when it comes to the listening experience. Fans of body-moving music are sure to fall head over heels for Younique’s hypnotic warmth, unfiltered charm, and sweet polish.

You can stream ‘Pure Intoxication’ here

This article was made in partnership with Younique