Meet Tides Collide, the Melbourne band with the capacity to become one of biggest names in metalcore

Meet Tides Collide, the Melbourne band with the capacity to become one of biggest names in metalcore

Melbourne x Warrnambool metallers Tides Collide have made a bold entrance into the Aussie heavy scene this year with their debut single ‘Crowned’ and follow-up ‘Not The End’.

With nods to the likes of Parkway Drive, Northlane and Killswitch Engage, ‘Not The End’ is five minutes of majestic melodies alongside a hardcore mentality, presenting a thrilling story of enlightenment and emotion.

The track provides a balanced amount of frenzied brutality and touching delicateness, driven by rough growls and soft clean vocals, surging guitars, and foot-thudding drums. Complete with moody soundscapes and multilayered singing, ‘Not The End’ is a strong cut of music that demonstrates the musicality and explosive presence of the group, one that will continue to bolster from here on out.

We sat down with the band to talk about their two recent singles ‘Crowned’ and ‘Not The End’, their influences and a love of kebabs.

Hey guys, thanks for chatting with us! First up, can you give our readers a little introduction to the band – who are you and what are you about?
Hey, not a problem at all! Thanks for having us! We are Tides Collide, a four-piece metalcore band from Melbourne and Warrnambool formed in 2018. All four of us come from diverse walks of life. We plan to provide a fresh yet nostalgic sound to the local heavy scene and hope to break out onto international stages across the world with our music.

Congrats on the release of your newest single ‘Not The End’. Tell us about the creation process of that one? Do you all collaborate on songwriting?
Thank you! ‘Not the End’ was the last song we wrote for the EP, so personally, we wanted something that would stand out a bit more. ‘Not the End’ is a great exploration of both the band’s diverse musical talents, songwriting chops and sophisticated lyrical imagery. It’s definitely a more unique, one-of-a-kind track.

The writing of ‘Not the End’ initially started with the intro guitar riff, and it was all pretty fast-paced from there. We wanted to make it heavy without being purely breakdown driven and all collaborated on the composition. We first laid the guitar melodies and later workshopped specific rhythms and structure in subsequent writing sessions. This was the stage where the drums and bassline took shape over the guitar track and lyrics began to form. Once we were ready, we approached Monolith Studios and Earthtide Studios, where the track came to life. Our producers were even able to suggest some harmonies and fills that really enhanced the song. We gelled really well together for this song, and hope to set the tone for the upcoming EP with this release.

Is there a backstory to this track? Lyrically it sounds like it could come from personal experience?
A friend of ours had passed away suddenly last year. He was going through personal issues, and his mental health had deteriorated when we last saw him. It’s profound how some people can put a mask to their own troubles, and re-assure everyone that they are ok. In reality, they are hurting. It goes to show that grief hits us all in different ways, and it is important to check in on one another and ask: “How are you, really?”. ‘Not The End’ encompasses the initial reaction of shock and how to grieve after a lost friend.

This follows the recent release of ‘Crowned’, released earlier this month (and you can check out here). What was the thinking behind releasing the tracks in the same month? Have you been sitting on these tracks for a while?
We’ve been sitting on our self-titled EP for a few months and spent some time planning a marketing strategy for its release. Once we had the tracks, we then contacted Ten of Swords Media Collective to get two videos done for the singles. In selecting the singles, we knew we had to make a splash and come out of the gate with some heat. ‘Crowned’ was the crowd-favourite song so far from gig feedback, so we felt it was a good all-around track to kick off with and introduce fans to the EP. ‘Not the End’, on the other hand, was a more interesting and progressive track that displayed our songwriting capabilities, and paired well with Crowned.

You’ve also got an EP coming out next month. Can you tell us a bit about the other tracks that make up the record? Will it be following the same direction as the recent singles?
The self-titled EP is due to be released on 6 June 2020, and all 6 songs are quite meaningful to us. Musically, the EP is generally in the vein of traditional metalcore but with some new ideas. The two singles are a clear window into the rest of the EP, yet they still leave room for the other tracks to explore different musical and lyrical ideas. You can definitely expect some very heavy, melodic and sombre moments. Lyrically, this EP encompasses themes such as suffering, resilience, courage and strength.

Who are some of your influences? Does everyone in the band have varying tastes or are you all on the same wavelength?
Tom: Personally, I approached this EP with bands like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage etc. Whilst we love the sound of the EP, we are going in a heavier direction, with bands like Make Them Suffer, Oceans Ate Alaska and Northlane in mind. With that said, we will never lose the beautiful melodies and heart-grabbing songs in this EP.

Angus: I actually used to be a funk/jazz drummer so I can definitely appreciate more ‘technical’ bands like Oceans Ate Alaska, Animals As Leaders and Polyphia, but my favourite bands are those that have shown strong evolution and creative direction like Northlane and Bring Me The Horizon. I also love listening to bands like Wage War, Polaris and While She Sleeps.

Justin: Very similar to Tom, but with a bit more rock music in that mix. I love Circa Survive, and other rock bands like Letlive, Underoath and Alexisonfire.

Jared: I feel like my influences are a little different to the other guys. Architects, Periphery, Polaris, Belle Haven, but also I’m a huge fan of pop-punk – Blink 182, Sum 41, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Calling All Captains.

You guys have been together for a while now and you’re gaining a fair bit of momentum now with these releases. Where do you hope to take your music within the next few years?
We are looking forward to diversifying our sound and showing the world what we are capable of as a band. We can’t wait until we record and release our next project, and to bring our music to stages and venues across the state, the nation and eventually, the world! Having the chance to tour globally and play festival stages like Unify, Download or Warped Tour (RIP) would be a dream come true. Ultimately, we just hope to write music that we love, and if people really dig it, that is just icing on the cake.

It’s an interesting time for everyone at the moment, particularly musicians and creatives. What have you guys been doing while in isolation? What’s the first thing you’ll be doing once restrictions lift?
Angus: We’ve definitely been very occupied with promoting and releasing our latest singles and upcoming EP, but in the quieter lulls of the release season, we have been writing new music virtually and collaboratively when we can. After everything, I’m personally just looking forward to catching up with everyone and hanging out with friends and going out to eat again, I also can’t wait to finally see some live shows and attend a concert or two.

Justin: I’ve been very active in teaching guitar at my music school – Leaders of Rock. The first thing I’ll do when restrictions lift is have a band practice and a kebab with the boys. Then play a sick show with the local bands in our scene. I would love for overseas travel to open up soon, so I can see my girlfriend who lives in Japan.

Jared: I’m actually really bad at making myself write music, so i’ve been trying to set time aside to do that. I’ve been writing with Justin, so that is keeping me on my toes. Aside from that, I’ve been playing way too many video games. But I think the first thing on the cards when restrictions are lifted is go out for a (hopefully) quiet breakfast with my partner.

Tom: I’ve been focusing a lot on personal development and taking time to relax. Whilst this is a terrible time for most people, it’s good to check in with yourself and take an open look at life in general.

Lastly, what’s something we don’t know (and that we should know) about Tides Collide?
We like eating kebabs, and Tom once missed a train back to Warrnambool because we waited 45 minutes for a kebab after rehearsal.

Keep up with all the latest via the band’s Facebook.