Meet the new brand with a simple mission: get vaxxed, look good doing it and help the mental health of others

Meet the new brand with a simple mission: get vaxxed, look good doing it and help the mental health of others

Words by Alice McDonald

This female run business's mission is simple and strong: Stay Safe, Spread Love, and Get VAXXED

Founded by Eloise Jacobs and Estefania Gomez de Orozco, VAXXED seek a better, brighter future free from lockdowns by spreading the word to get vaxxed through their range of premium unisex ‘VAXXED’ merchandise unisex. With a strong yet simple message, VAXXED’s clean-lined hoodies, t-shirts, and caps are a subtle and stylish way to show the world that you are committed to protecting your community.

Inspired by a future with no more lockdowns, the pair started this business with the aim to encourage Australians to play their part in this journey towards normalcy and to give back as much as they can to Australian mental health charities.

“For us we believe that vaccines are the most effective way to get our country back up and running. Getting vaccinated is something we can all do to keep our community and loved ones safe. We wanted to do something to help spread the word so we can all get back to doing the things we love most,” Estefania says.

Both hospitality workers who lost their jobs due to COVID-19, for them VAXXED is “about so much more than a vaccination, it was personal.”

For Mexico City-born Estefania, it has been two years since she saw her family, and both Eloise and Estafania strongly believe the only way to get the country back up and running is through people getting vaccinated. Something so many of us can relate to.

“I work in the hospitality industry and lost my job when COVID-19 caused state-wide lockdowns at the end of June. I wondered how long it would be until I could see my mum and sisters again, it has been over two years since I was home. Getting the vaccine was extremely important to both of us so we can travel again to see family and return to some form of normality,” says Estefania.

“With a lot of spare time sitting at home we got creative and thought it would be cool to design something wearable to celebrate getting vaccinated and encourage others to play their part,” Eloise adds.


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With so many others experiencing what Eloise and Estefania are going through, there is an even deeper understanding of the toll this has had on everyone’s mental health, and it only makes sense to support others during these times.

“This is an unprecedented time, and we need unprecedented kindness. Everyone is feeling the weight of COVID and the national lockdowns and this is the time to spread love. Kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.”

Aligning with Mental Health Awareness month in Australia, the ladies are donating 25% of proceeds to the Australian mental health charity, Mind Blank Ltd.

Chosen because “Mind Blank is an incredible not for profit organisation recognised Australia wide for mental health awareness and education through delivering their innovative programs in schools, communities, and workplaces.” It’s an initiative the two both aligned with.


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With overwhelming support, VAXXED has seen endorsements from the likes of Abbie Chatfield, Hugh Sheridan and Senator Holly Hughes just to name, a few as well as thousands of Aussies who stand behind the girls’ mission.

“Everyone is very keen to move forward and will do whatever it takes to help spread the word and encourage Australians to get vaccinated,” Estefania says.

What better way to celebrate getting vaxxed than to wear it with pride? With premium-quality tees, hoodies and hats from a local Australian provider “quality was really important to [them]” therefore they only sourced the best embroiderers and materials.

Of course, there are always concerns in the current climate of opposing views and backlash wearing this merchandise but the ladies’ response to that is: “Do it for the community, do it for your loved ones.”

That’s all that matters, doing your part for the sake of others whilst protecting yourself too. Oh, and you’ll look really good doing it.

To get your hands on one of the premium quality unisex VAXXED products follow the link here.