Meet the Local Brewers Going National

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Meet the Local Brewers Going National

It’s been two years and Blackman’s Brewery are about to share their complete range of Torquay’s beer on a national scale. After increasing popularity and a demand to have the beer available offsite their Torquay venue, the beer artisans have created a line of four beers, which will be available in cans Australia wide.

Ordering a Cask SAMS Canning Machine all the way from Canada, the dynamic duo behind the brand took a poll so that Blackman’s customers could choose which beer line should be launched first, with the Reginald IPA being the clear winner! Pre-selling half their batch is proof that their beer is highly in demand.

On why those chose cans – aside from it being trendy in the craft beer industry at the moment – Renn, one half of the brand said “It’s just the best way to package beer. Cans keep the light out and keep beer tasting fresher for longer. It’s the ideal way to take beer to a festival or camping and it suits our Torquay way of life.”

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