Meet Sugar and Slice, the local business creating the most indulgent slices in town

Meet Sugar and Slice, the local business creating the most indulgent slices in town

The ultimate sweet indulgence.

Offering a full spectrum of flavours, forms, styles, and techniques, Geelong home baker Angela Sumner’s leaves precious little to be desired. Creating flawless mouth-watering homemade slices and sweets, Angela’s business Sugar & Slice is an indulgent deep dive into nostalgia.

With an affinity for home baking and a mighty sweet tooth, Angela was previously working in an office where she would often bring in homemade treats for her colleagues. With serious words of encouragement from her co-workers and her husband, the mother of three quickly realised that her passion laid in food. It was at this moment that Sugar & Slice was born.

“I started taking in some homemade slices (Mars & Crunchie I had been making for years) but experimented with Jelly, Turkish Delight and Lemon as well,” Angela explains.

“Turns out they all loved them and suggested I started making them to sell. But surely, I couldn’t do that? That’s when hubby agreed that I should look into getting my kitchen council registered and starting up a business.”

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That was back in 2019. In just two years, Angela has taken her passion for baking from strength to strength, garnering a bounty of loyal followers and firming placing her at the forefront of home bakers absolutely slaying it in Geelong right now thanks to her perfectly curated boxes of tasty, bite-sized slices.

“I am absolutely blown away that this mum of three has started a business as a side hustle, and now has a thriving company with so many exciting changes and opportunities coming up.”

“The level of service, the superior products and an amazing brand reputation is what sets us apart from the rest! Our wonderful and supportive customers, the amazing feedback and reviews we get, reaffirms the hard work and dedication we have put into Sugar & Slice over the last two years.”

Worthy of every positive review, at Sugar & Slice you’ll find instant and indulgent classics like Jelly Slice, lemon slice, peppermint slice, hedgehog and rocky road, to the new and exciting decadent creations like pineapple lumps slice, white chocolate and macadamia cookie dough slice, mars and Maltesers slice and Caramilk slice.

“We like to try and think outside the box with our slices, thinking back to our favourite chocolates and lollies. Mine definitely is Turkish Delight, so we started researching online and found a couple of different recipes. We mixed and matched them to make our own, individual tasting Slice.

“A lot of trial and error goes into our slices, the perfect flavour hit, the right ratio of wet/dry ingredients, right down to the unique presentation of our slices.”

Citing Jelly Slice, Lemon Slice and Mars Bar slice as the most popular choices, it clear one of the best things about loading up with precious baked goods and treats from this local gem is the seriously satisfying throwback to the nostalgic treats of yesteryear, albeit with a gloriously delicious twist.

While slices are no doubt the hero of the business, Angela has also expanded her product to include a range of melt-in-your-mouth fudge (Kit Kat, Tim Tam, Caramel and choc fudge brownie to name a few), as well as truffles, yoyo’s, milo mousse cups, caramel tartlets, peanut brittle and ganache balls.

Knowing that nothing compares to the warm and fuzzy feels that come from diving into that perfect chocolate brownie, Angela has been known to elevate her delicious choc fudge brownies to the highest degree with her loaded brownies. Making 10cm x 10cm chunks of choc fudge brownie covered in chocolate buttercream topped with Maltesers, KitKat, M&M’s and Caramilk pieces and drizzled with white chocolate, we recommend you keep an eye out for these limited-edition treats because it’s oh so worth it.

“We are always trying to bring out new flavours, as we know not everyone likes the same things. We try and cater for as many people as possible, by having the loaded brownies it allows us to be more versatile and mix it up a bit.”

Based in Bannockburn, Sugar & Slice originally offered products solely from her kitchen, while also supplying treats to a childcare centre. A year into the business, everything changed due to the COVID pandemic, forcing Angela to adapt – and soon thrive – to survive.

“When Covid-19 hit, we had lost majority of our business due to restrictions and needed to change it up a bit… Hello, deliveries.

“We started offering deliveries to area’s close by, then the demand grew to more areas! We had interest from The Bellarine, Ballarat and even Melbourne!”

With more scope to provide delicious treats that leave customers with an unforgettable experience, not only does Angela deliver to sweet tooths across town, but she’s now also expanded to local businesses in the region who were keen to stock her unique products.

Her lavish desserts now shine like works of art from within their glass displays at the likes of Shazzas Fruit & Veggies in Bannockburn, Wallington’s Local Pantry, Xpresso Lounge Café in Lara, Neko Geelong, and even 4 Blend Café up in Coburg – just to name a few.

From traditional slices to modern twists on old favourites to outright culinary adventures in sugar, Sugar & Slice is well on its way to becoming a household name. Trust us when we say, if you’ve never had the pleasure of putting these glorious slices in your mouth, you’re sorely missing out.

To get your hands on a box of these indulgent treats, visit one of Sugar & Slice’s stockists, or order via the website.