Meet Geelong-based acoustic muso Jason Hoekstra 

Meet Geelong-based acoustic muso Jason Hoekstra 

Tell me a bit about yourself as a musician and what you’re up to at the moment.

I’ve been playing gigs around Geelong for a few years now with a stint in Brisbane and the Wimmera in between. I moved back to Geelong at the start of January 2020 and slowly getting back out gigging again, which has been hard with covid-19 restrictions but has been awesome anytime it’s been possible to play.

How have you been keeping inspired during the reoccurring lockdowns?

To be honest, it’s been hard, there would have been a few months where I didn’t pick up the guitar and didn’t even really listen to much music – Which is not like me at all. The lifting of restrictions and having the opportunity to get out and listen to some other musos has definitely re-sparked that passion and kicked me into gear again.

What advice would you give to other musicians who are struggling with creativity?

I guess for me it’s just getting out and listening to other musos, having a Jam with mates or just listening to the music that inspired me to get to this point in the first place.

What’s been the hardest challenge about being a live musician in this climate?

I’ve been in a lucky position where gigs aren’t my main source of income, so for me, the hardest part of the current climate is seeing other musicians struggling to support themselves financially. The inconsistency of gigs due to covid-19 restrictions changing has been so hard for many. Just when you think you might get a weekend where you can make an income, restrictions change, gigs are cancelled and your back to wondering where the next payment will come from.

One thing I have loved seeing through our lockdown periods is the number of local musicians doing sessions on their social media.

I would imagine that for so many of the public these sessions have been a huge break to just switch off mentally for a while and listen, so if you’re listening to one of these and you are in a position to support the muso through donation, please do every little bit helps keep them going and ensures live music continues around the region.

How does it feel to finally be back on the mic in front of an audience?

It’s been amazing, the energy the public have after coming out of lockdown has been great. I really think being in lockdown for so long has given everyone a greater appreciation for live music and the venues that host it.

Why do you love performing at The Hop Inn?

It is one of those venues that just feels like home, even after a huge break like we have had during lockdowns it feels like you haven’t had any time off from playing there. It’s a great environment and the team always make you feel so welcome. This goes for musos and patrons which is a credit to the Hop Inn team.

The Hop Inn is a huge supporter of local musicians – what does this mean to you?

It’s everything, you just have to look at such a varied musician lineup to see the support they give to so many styles of musician. There aren’t many venues that have such a broad range of musicians playing on such a consistent basis.

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