MDRN Love on the name change, new beginnings and a regional tour

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MDRN Love on the name change, new beginnings and a regional tour

It can be extremely hard for local bands to gain a following. Often it can take years of playing gigs around the state before you begin to notice any form of recognition – and it can be even harder after a name change. This was not the case for MDRN Love. Forming from the blueprint of local band Revolution, MDRN Love have already picked up representation from Abandon Records, opened up for Tash Sultana at this years Aireys Inlet Open Mic Festival, and having their first single ‘Bring Me Down’ cause a stirring amount of hype on social media.

“When we were Revolution, we felt as if our music had kind of gone as far as what we could get it with the line-up that we had and the songs that we were playing,” says MDRN Love lead singer and guitarist Jack Harman. “We were really lucky to meet the guys at Abandon Records and they kind of took us on board with a few writing sessions. We figured if we put the whole band into the sessions and build it up from scratch, we could write a few more songs. So we spent about 12 months with them doing pre-production and writing sessions as a band.

“We also brought Dom Alvaro in as a drummer and Daniel Siketa as a bass player and then it was Riley, Nick and I who were all from Revolution. Then we started from scratch. We wrote about 12 tracks to make up a live set and then we refined that to five songs for the EP, which will come out around mid-year.”

As Harman explains, MDRN Love wasn’t exactly a sound they had anticipated, but instead one that came naturally after a few jam sessions as a band.

“It wasn’t the sound we planned for. We just had these tracks and we kind of just said at the end of one of the writing sessions, ‘okay this is our new sound and this is where it’s heading.’ I guess the way to describe the singles is that they get a little bit heavier as they go on, but they are still sending messages in the lyrics. As a lyrist, I try to have little ambiguous messages or meanings behind what I am writing, and try to make sure they don’t get lost in the music,” he says.

MDRN Love will be kicking off a regional Victorian tour in celebration of ‘Bring Me Down’, giving the guys an opportunity to get out there and show crowds what a MDRN Love live show is made of.

“There’s a lot of bands that will manufacture songs in their bedrooms which is pretty awesome, but they can’t play live, and the fans don’t get the same experience when they do go to see them. I think how you present yourself live can be really crucial because you never know who’s in the audience, there could be industry professionals from anywhere,” Harman says.

“Hopefully we nail this tour because we do have some awesome opportunities and we can’t wait to get out there and show people some of our other songs!”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: The Courthouse, Geelong – April 8, The Workers Club, Fitzroy – April 19, The Barwon Club, Geelong – April 22, The Loft, Warrnambool – May 5, UMSU, Melbourne – May 9, Torquay Hotel, Torquay – May 20 & The Village Green Hotel, Mulgrave – June 7

Visit their Facebook page or website for more info and tickets.