MaZZi Love: If Only

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MaZZi Love: If Only

If you’re looking for a Monday morning anthem, MaZZi Love’s track ‘If Only’ is the track for you. With catchy rhythmic guitar riffs from the onset, this is the kinda track that plays as you drive your convertible along the coast of downtown LA – if you lived there that is. Love manages to capture a tune that is both The Beatles meets Rooney (think Blueside) and yet no where in between – carving out a sound that can stand on its own.

Lyrics like “so get ready , get steady, go – let go of all the fear you hold, cause it’s a lonely road down there,” serves to be a reminder of taking that leap of faith – something that is intrinsic to Love’s anthem of overcoming fears and just saying yes. Three minutes in gives listeners an insight into his talent, with an electric guitar riff that aspires to muso inspiration’s like Zeppelin, and succeeds in its own right. For an extra spring in your step, check out this track,  ‘If Only’  as a reminder to just go with the flow. 

Out independently
Reviewed by Caitlin Haddad