Maximillian Rudd

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Maximillian Rudd

Maximillian’s self-titled debut album is a beautiful display of who exactly Maximillian is, the perfect first album. The album is an exquisite showcase of his obvious technical abilities on the Brazilian seven-string guitar while also not taking himself too seriously, creating a relaxed and pleasant mood.

The inclusion of a cover of Randy Newman’s ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from the beloved Toy Story was a brought a wonderful sense of familiarity to the album and sets a feel-good vibe, slotting into the rest of the album perfectly.

The vocal track ‘Waited so long’ is a quirky song about love with a classic ragtime feel to it that is definitely one of the highlights from the album.

Each of the nine vastly different songs have their own story and personality and even without vocals the mood of the songs are translated well, from ‘Quiet Farewell’ and ‘Zac y Nela’ having more slower and somber tones, to upbeat and groovy tones of ‘Bones road’ and ‘Toronto’.

Although relatively simple melodically there are some refreshing and unique rhythms inspired by Brazilian influences that bring a fun flair to the album and distinguish Maximillian as an artist. The album creates the perfect Sunday afternoon chill atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.


Reviewed by Jasmine Turner