Maximillian Rudd explores new horizons with his eclectic new album Salvador

Maximillian Rudd explores new horizons with his eclectic new album Salvador

With his unique music, Melbourne-via-Torquay musician Maximillian Rudd gracefully unveils his brand-new sophomore album Salvador, the perfect follow-up to his successful debut record Maximillian.

A natural talent, Rudd brings his impeccable skills on the Brazilian seven-string guitar and his masterful storytelling abilities to Salvador, combining his subtle creativity of an eclectic musical upbringing with a new wave of driving, groovier beats.

Staying true to his South American influences, ‘Total Football’ is a bright and aspirating introduction to an album sprinkled with insistent and irresistible choro rhythms. Purely instrumental, Rudd brings the focus straight to the music with this exuberant samba, leading you along a winding path of creativity and setting the atmosphere for the rest of the record to follow.

Taking on Brazilian music’s sweet lament isn’t without warning for Salvador; but it’s the addition of flute, drums, bass, cavaquinho and extra percussion that creates layers of character underneath Rudd’s trademark eclecticism within this album, thanks to his fierce new four-piece band. Featuring Melbourne-based Brazilian musicians, including long-time collaborator Asha Henfry, Alastair Kerr, and Josh Bridges, Rudd has crafted something truly magnificent, diving deep into immersive instrumentation.

Co-produced by leading Australian producer Jordan Power, whose work includes Dope Lemon, Kasey Chambers and older brother Xavier Rudd, this latest instalment from Maximillian Rudd showcases the breadth of artistry of this burgeoning talent. Celebrating life and love with influences from around the globe, each of the ten tracks have their own story and personality even without vocals on a handful of them. The mood of the songs are translated well, traversing a spectrum of emotions, from ‘One for Steve’ and the ballad-inspired rendition of ‘Blueberry Hill’ having more slower and somber tones, to upbeat and groovy tones of ‘When I Found Out’ and ‘At Home’, a track that places the talents of Asha Henfry on the flute front and centre.

‘So Bad’ is a stand out from the album, playing with bossa nova stylings and deep, heartfelt vocals. With its slow pensive melody infused with elegance, the track finds Rudd echoing on the chorus “I want you so bad, but you don’t love yourself” which is scrumptiously captivating. It’s relatively simple melodically yet heart-wrenching at the same time and Rudd has a way with words that is only heightened by his stunning musical arrangements.

The melting pot of South American, jazz, blues and roots influences that Rudd has stirred over the last few years is poured out in completely new ways on this release and is a testament to Rudd’s growth as an artist. Yet the familiar taste of everything Maximillian Rudd has given us before still lingers long after, in the best possible way.

Salvador is simplistic, not to be confused with simple. This is a record that longtime fans of traditional Brazilian tunes will adore; at the same time opening a new generation’s ears and hearts to the beauty of these iconic styles and stories.

Salvador is out now via Bom Dia Records. Check it out below