Matt Katsis: As The River Runs

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Matt Katsis: As The River Runs

As The River Runs is the latest effort by Matt Katsis. Known for his soul affirming alternative country chops and inviting folk arrangements, this latest release is a journey that lifts you up and guides you through its spacious, open range and harmonically pleasing aesthetic.

The opening track of the EP ‘Colours’ draws you in with a driving beat and a wah laden guitar track that sets the scene for a release filled with diversity, in a genre that isn’t well-known for it. The highlight of the EP is track ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fly,’ which enters with a sombre and low-key droning that effortlessly pulls you into its narrative, before it transitions into a robust rhythm that really encapsulates Matt Katsis’ ability to craft country and folk soundscapes that would no doubt appeal to any music fan with an open mind.

Overall, As The River Runs is an expansive and often brave effort that steps outside the boundaries of traditional country and folk music and into new territory – offering enough tradition to draw in country/folk fans, as well as enough of a modern approach to draw in fans of other genres.

Groundsel Records
Reviewed by Josh Dowling