Mat Zo: Self Assemble

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Mat Zo: Self Assemble

After literally bashing contemporary electronic music artists on Twitter last year, Mat Zo had a lot to prove with his new album Self Assemble ­ and he straight up succeeded. 1­-0 to Mat Zo. The album has many different elements to it, exploring a variety of electronic music arenas. Somehow it’s all mixed together in a way that works surprisingly well and tells a great story – making it a really interesting album. Not once did I get the urge to skip a song while listening to it.

He introduces us to his album with a track that makes you feel as if you should be tripping on acid in outer space. After this his love of bass is shown the whole way through even though the second half of “Self Assemble” is a bit more intense. ‘Lights Out’ gets my blood pumping, making me miss the days when I was young and reckless and didn’t have a care in the world besides getting drunk and dancing to house or techno.

With everything from Daft Punk vibes, to funky retro and oriental instrumentals, the release can’t be defined to just one genre. If you’re an electronic music fan, do yourself a favour and hit this album up.

Out via Mad Zoo
Reviewed by Nilo Danai