Mastin LIVE

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Mastin LIVE

Reece Mastin, or Mastin as he is now known, recently hit The Workers Club in Geelong. Backed with a solid band, he hit the stage to a predominantly female audience.
Those expecting a ‘teeny-bopper’ show certainly would have got a surprise with more of a rock n roll show. Axe in hand, Mastin showed off some skilful guitar playing to compliment his very powerful voice.
As a guitarist, I was surprised at how adept he was. One track he played even reminded me of Pink Floyd, such is the diversity of Mastin.
Aside from playing songs from his latest album, he finished the night with a rendition of ‘Paradise City’, by Guns N Roses. If you thought that might be a surprise, imagine when he played ‘Stayin Alive’, but as a rock song, not disco!! Even though I prefer the hard hitting stuff, I preferred the Bee Gees cover; it was something a little different.
For those who were expecting a ‘teeny-bopper’ gig, he did pull out one song from his well known past with ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’. The ladies in particular lapped this one up!
Whether Mastin is appeals to you or not, don’t mistake him for a pretty pop star, because on stage at The Workers Club he showed he is much more than that!
The Workers Club Geelong
Friday July 13
Reviewed by Glenn Lynch