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So today Forte crew, I want to talk about, Masterdating.

Yup, you read that right! Master-Dating. The word used to describe taking yourself out on a date. Why? What did you read?

Moving right along…

After hearing the concept a few years ago, I decided to give it a try and honestly I can’t tell you the joy it has brought into my life since then, especially after I moved to Geelong where I knew no one but my family. Masterdating was kind of all I had in regards to social outings for a while there. Sad, but true!

My first time masterdating (yes, I am going to keep over-using the word purely for my own entertainment), I took myself to a movie on a random Wednesday night… And I LOVED IT! Of course I had some of those negative thoughts we all have creep in. “What are people thinking?”, “are they judging me?”, “do I look pathetic being at the movies by myself?!”. But honestly that lasted less than a few minutes because before I knew it, I was inside a dark cinema seeing a movie I loved! It was sooo satisfying! (yeah, I chose that word on purpose, you’re welcome).

My other favourite thing to do is to take myself out for lunch and a glass of wine at a beautiful cafe or restaurant with whatever book I am reading in hand. I simply sit and enjoy the view, the story, the wine and the food, taking it all in for the luxury that it is. This little ritual I’ve developed nourishes my soul in a way I honestly can’t explain. It just refreshes me SO effectively! I feel like I’ve had a whole day off even though I have only carved out an hour or two in my day.

Now I don’t know what your masterdating, um, “style” should be… everyone is different after all. But I do challenge you to have a think about what you can try doing by yourself that you haven’t had the courage to do, even if you’re a bit insecure or intimidated by it at the start. Maybe catch a movie or go to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. You could explore a museum or take yourself for a long walk on the beach and a coffee. Whatever it is, just do it! You just might find it ain’t as scary as you think and just like me, you might even find great pleasure in it.

Much love!
Kim xx

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