Marshall & The Fro: Live at the Backroom

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Marshall & The Fro: Live at the Backroom

Energy, enthusiasm, soul and gritty alternative rock and blues, Marshall and the Fro bring all this and more all while live at the backroom.
Being a virgin to the sounds of Marshall and the Fro, I did not know what to expect when first listening, but I was pleasantly surprised and drawn in from track one (‘My Bubble’) by the energy and strong Australian sound. It wasn’t long before I realised that each song had a story, a clear path it wanted the listener to travel down and experience.
From high-paced dance music to deep soulful blues, Live at the Backroom shows plenty of variety, while still managing to maintain the essence of blues/rock. Stand out guitar, drums that keep the foundation and vocals of experience and enthusiasm will make you bite at the soul. Some songs even creating a visceral experience and in some cases a sense of euphoria.
Marshall and the Fros’ Live at the Backroom is an experience for the adventurous listener, fourteen unique ear bending eye opening tracks to take you on a journey of discovery. Australian blues fans should not miss out on Marshall and the Fros’ latest instalment out now.
Independent / Only Blues
Reviewed by Alex Lynch