Manifold Resolution Feat. Laura Entwined, Saxy & DJ Mickey Space

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Manifold Resolution Feat. Laura Entwined, Saxy & DJ Mickey Space

Saxy: 8pm – 9pm Manifold Resolution: 9pm – 10pm (Feat. Laura Entwined (dancer) DJ Mickey Space: 10pm – Midnight

Manifold Resolution are Launching their new single “Freak” along with a stunning new film clip which will be launched exclusively for the first time at the Palais-Hepburn! Manifold Resolution will be graced onstage with the mesmerising tribal dance stylings of Laura Entwined. The night will kick off with the dazzling, Saxy, a fun and energetic experience combining electronic beats with live instrumentation. DJ Mickey Space will bring the party vibes and cap off the celebration with a set that will have the crowd on it’s feet and dancing into the night.

Introducing the multiverse of Electric/organic music that is Manifold Resolution.

A polychromatic synthesis of beats, vox and horns, painting with wavelengths and sculpting with frequencies. This party of performers brings the stage to life with sonorous vocals, soaring saxophone, pounding percussion, bottomless bass and ferocious poetry fired with sensational zeal. This band will get the crowd jumping and the heart thumping.

Mr. Manifold mixes it up on the decks and away in the studio, constructing the basis for back beats that are the back-bone of this multidimensional sound.

Lady Renoir fronts with a voice that is at times provocative and seductive and at times thunderous and elemental. Her lyrics are inventive and her delivery is captivating.

Tama Brightwell adds textures and timbres with his powerful percussion. His cool onstage persona keeps the temperature from blazing.

Dandelion Jackson brings the saxophone to the Manifold Resolution experience. Between bursts of brilliant horn lines and slick solos, she sinks to swampy vocals and piquant prose.